Hi Gents.


I have DiyDrones Hexacopter with 850kv motors.



Currently running with 3s 5000mAh & 10x4.5 plastic prop.

Hovering at 50% Joystick.

Max flight time is 8 min with 8m/s horizontal speed.

Payload without batt = 400g

50m above sea level.

What should i do to achieve 20min + flight time in 8 m/s horizontal speed.


2x 4cell 6000mah?

Carbon prop?

Carbon frame?

Better motors?







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  • I recently had a 3DR Quad with the 880kv motors and APC props fly 24 minutes without any special preparations.  All I did was mount 2 4S5000mAH 20C Turnigy batteries to it, wired in parallel obviously.  It was pretty easy, and if flew fairly well.

    The Hex should be capable of similar.  Though with a 400g payload, that will certainly make it that much more difficult.  I think you should be able to get to 15 minutes without too much trouble.

  • Has anyone got any experience with these battery`s?



    My 3s 5000mAh hyperion battery`s weight = 428g

    This 4s 11000mAh MaxAmps is = 825g


    This should increase my flight time pretty much.





  • RCTimer has a setup that claims 23 minute flight times? Has anyone tried one of these? http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=...



    Looks like they use very low 350 Kv motors with very large props. Large props at a very low RPM should be much more effecient.






    • I have 1000kv motors with 10x4.5 blades and get 17min time on 3s 5000maH battery.
  • Multrotors are extremely inefficient and 20 minutes may not be possible. For long flight times you need an airplane or a helicopter with a gasoline engine.



  • Thx guys.

    Will this configurations effect the stabillity of the aircraft.  E.g lower kv motors with bigger props at 4s battery?

    What is the drawback & benefit?

    Would it be a better option to use OctoCopter?

    I must say im impressed about how great this HexaCopter flies. 


  • T3
    The simple solution is fly a plane.
  • You will have to do it all.

    Lower kv motors (300-400), hardcore ones with japanese bearings etc - axii, tiger etc.


    Larger (14-15" props), preferably graupner e-props or similar (there are plenty to choose from but i stick with the graupners)


    Higher cell count - 4s will probably do, but I'd be aiming for at least 12000mah (3x4000mah packs), maybe one more, in which case you might need bigger props.


    The rest of the weight will matter, but will be insignificant compared to the batteries as long as you keep it sensible.


    Oh and leave the camera at home ;)



  • MR60
    You will not reach 20 minutes because of your weight. The more batteries and rhe bigger their capacity, the more weight.But the extra battery weight increases faster then the increased capacity (flight time).
    Unfortunately you must thus cut a maximum of weight off. But could you cut down enough weight to reach 20 min ? Try and let us know about your experiments!
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