2.7.1 BATTERY_EVENT code problem?

I've obtained the proper millivolts from my regulator and GCS is reporting a full battery (even when plugging in a drained one).  When I connect everything up my battery always reports full regardless of it's real value.  I tried adding a divisor of 10000 into the code in the GCS_Standard_Text (Serial.print(battery_voltage/100000,DEC);  //added the divide symbol and numbers after it) and that decreased my reported battery level.  But it was still not reporting the level properly.  Any ideas or suggestions?

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  • This is the rational on the calculation:

    12v = 10 in scale (full charged)
    9v = 0 in scale (minimum voltage)


    The range of 0 to 3 volts variation in the battery should be a range of 1 to 10 in the scale...we should need a conversion factor.

    3volts units ---- 10scale
    1volt unit ---- x

    x = 10/3 = 0.33 (this is the voltage to scale conversion factor)

    the formula then is : (battery_voltage - minimal_voltage) / factor

    Hope that clears the calculation and does not bring more confusion.

  • Hi BriFly,

    I think I have a solution for you that I did and worked for me.
    The GCS displays values from 1 to 10 and not the voltage of the battery, so I've changed the way Ardupilot sends the voltage information to the GCS, calculating a proportion of the voltage (milivolts) resulting in 1 to 10.
    Note the code below:


    This is for 11.1v Lipo batery - 3cells (considering that the minimum voltage is 3v per cel), but you can change the calculation to match your battery voltage if it's different.

    It will output a range from 1 to 10 showing the percentage of remaining battery in the batery gauge bar of GCS...

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    Sounds like a bug. We'll be releasing a new GCS with the public beta of APM in a week or so, so let's see if it's in there and we can fix then if so.
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