I just got off the phone with 3DR a few days ago and 3DR confirmed a known telemetry bug in Mission planner so I know I am not the only one having this issue and I'm not going crazy, (well not today anyway).

This is the issue I told them I am having and they confirmed this as saying many other have complained of the same problem.

First off I would like to clarify a few things. My testing included two computers, 1st PC is a Panasonic tough-book running XP pro and the 2nd PC is a Asus running Widows 7 PROFESSIONAL. First and foremost both PC's have a fresh copy of there operating system installed and updated and then I re-installed MP from the Website. 

This is what happens.

Test #1

Connected Pixhawk to MP using USB cable and planned out simple 12 way-point mission. The mission included,,  take off,, way-points, , region of interest, ,, and finally RTH..

Wrote the mission to PH and then read it back several times in a row and it is flawless as it should be.

Nothing at all changed reading back the mission to verify the flight plan,  again it reads back perfectly as it should using USB.


Test #2

Now with that mission still in the PH.

I unplugged the USB connection and regained connection using 3DR telemetry radios. 

I read back the mission several times and every time I read it back something changed. I ended up with two (take off) lines of commands and my RTH disappeared completely and never came back and my ROI command would Change command lines.

Now I unplugged the 3DR radios and again plugged in the USB connection. I connected MP to PH to see if the mission was that messed up.

When I read back the planned mission using the USB connection everything was normal and it was the original mission to the T and my RTH command line returned also.


 Test #3

Well hold on if you think it is a 3DR radio issue. .

So next, I installed APM planner 2.0 on my Windows 7 Pro PC,  and my XP PC.

Since APM and MP are a little different as to the features  I deleted the existing mission from Pixhawk and setup another mission in APM 2.0. 

I planned a mission in APM 2.0 and wrote it to PH using USB connection.  

I then read it back several times and again I had ""ZERO"" issues it was perfect every time using the USB connection, Just as it was with MP.

(((Are you ready for this)))

So I again regained connection with PH using the 3DR radios and read back the mission several times. the outcome ((( It was perfect and flawless using APM 2.0. )))

So it's not a 3DR telemetry radio issue. 



OK I'm not finished yet. 

So I disconnected and closed out of APM 2.0. 

I Opened MP and connected to the Pixhawk using the 3DR radios.  I read back the mission and found that it again had changed the mission command lines. .

If I read back the mission three times or so it will eventually read right..

So there is a bug. Not with the 3DR radio link but with mission planner.


Test #5

So is it the PC running Windows 7 Professional with a fresh install? Let's find out. 

So I did the exact same tests with a different PC, I used the Panasonic tough book running a fresh copy of windows XP and a fresh download of MP. .

I had the same outcome with the same test every time as I did with the Windows 7 operating system  

So It's not the PC'S nor is it the 3DR TELEMETRY RADIOS. 

There is something missing in the transmitted and received packets.

But what. .. 


Test #6

I planned out a large mission and wrote the mission to the PH using the 3DR telemetry radio. Once written I disconnect the telemetry radios and read the mission back using USB connection.

I found that writing the mission to the PH with the telemetry radios works fine but again reading it back using the telemetry radios is a disaster. Once again I connected the USB and read back the mission and it was just fine.


SO this is what I know,

Two different PC'S running two different operating systems and the same programs and having the same issue with that program(( MP )).

I found NO read or write issues using telemetry radios with APM planner on either XP or Win 7 PC's

I wanted to run the same test using Droid planner and MP but I had found that Droid planner and Mission planner Don't play well together. I had found that some of the flight modes are not recognized from one to the other so there could be no testing done..

SO there you have it.

Why does this happen in Mission Planner and NOT in APM planner? whats missing?

What is the fix for this?

 Michael Oborne If you are reading this could you please help.

Thank you

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  • Developer

    can I get a tlog?

    just to confirm if ive found a bug

    • Michael

      I setup the pixhawk and made up a quick mission I hope this helps. Again every time I read this back the command lines were all over the place. At one point I had two takeoff lines of command and again my RTL was gone. 

      Please let me know what you find and if there is anything else I can do I will do my best to help solve this mystery.  

      2014-11-04 18-14-52.tlog

      test #1.txt

      2014-11-04 18-14-52.rlog

      • Developer

        I think ive fixed the bug in the current beta mp

        • Michael

          Could you please send me a link to the Beta to make sure its the right one and I will try it out and see what happens.

          Thanks you.

          • Developer

            in MP goto help> update beta

            • Michael

              You hit it dead on, It works perfect my friend. I was setting up 30 to 50 way-points and reading them back more then 10 or so times with ZERO issues. For that I thank you, I will try to find a way to send you some fresh snow we received today to cool you off. 

              If there is anything else I can find I will send it your way but from what I can see everything is running flawless right now on this end. I will be updating all my other PC's this weekend. 


    • Michael

      I have my pixhawk on the work bench right now, will it work OK for me to power up the pixhawk on the bench with the telemetry radios setup and write and read a 10 way-point (DEMO) mission and send you that Tlog?

      If this will work please let me know and I will get it setup and get a log for you ASAP.


  • T3
    What version of Mission Planner are you using? Have you try the another version to see if the problem is related to a particular version?
    Thanks for the post.
    • Richard

      I am running the newest, V- 1.3.10 - build 1.1.5369.11976

      Sorry, no I haven't  tried any of the older V. I personally don't like to go backwards and like to stay with what is working. I have had ZERO issues with this V except for this minor issue.

      I have flown all summer without a glitch and have done many autonomous missions and have all been great so I know its all solid at this point.    

  • Developer

    I will look into it.

This reply was deleted.