3DR HF to bluetooth bridging

Hi all,

I have ordered a couple of air radios (both aire modules as I'm going with 433MHz) and would like to bridge the "long range" HF module (433MHz in my case but this is applicable to 900MHz as well) with a bluetooth device to use the copter GCS Android ground station application. It should be pretty straightforward but has anyone tried doing this ? Tips would be welcome !

I will anyhow post updates to this thread about my experiment result.

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  • Check out http://code.google.com/p/copter-gcs/wiki/CopterLink 

    Setting up is quite simple, and has been dead-reliable for me.


  • Good luck!  Bluetooth is notoriously problematic.

  • Hi Guillaume, your idea should be pretty easy to implement using a Sparkfun BlueSMiRF or Bluetooth Mate (which has a pinout compatible with the 3DR radios, just check your RX/TX order).


  • Is bridging the same as radio mesh?  I would like to set up a few radios over an area to create a mesh to limit the radio drops around hills and other obstacles.  Is this possible?



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