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droter left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Is RTK an option?

Feb 12, 2013
droter replied to Serg Abad's discussion 3DR 433 Mhz Radios not working
"Haven't been able to get the 433mhz radio's to work. 
Is there another place to buy radio's?  I would hate to by the 915mhz version and get stuck with two more radios that won't connect.
Jun 15, 2012
droter posted a blog post
Jun 12, 2012
droter posted a discussion
Hi,One of my radio's is solid green and the other is blinking green.  I can't connect to either.  I tried to set the solid green in bootloader mode but it doesn't go.Not sure where to go for help.WinXPMission Planner 1.1.863DR 433mhzBoth comm port…
May 18, 2012
droter replied to Guillaume Sabouraud's discussion 3DR HF to bluetooth bridging
"Is bridging the same as radio mesh?  I would like to set up a few radios over an area to create a mesh to limit the radio drops around hills and other obstacles.  Is this possible?


May 11, 2012
droter posted a discussion
Hi,Do you recommend running the APM off of it's own battery?  If so, what battery power supply to you suggest?Thanks for you help,Matt
May 10, 2012
droter posted a discussion
Has anyone come up with uses for an ArduRover?I have seen videos of lawn mowing but I was wondering if there are any other applications out there.Spaying lines on little league field, walking a dog, herding animals, feeding systems, home garden…
Apr 22, 2012
droter posted a discussion
Hi,I was wondering if anyone could suggest ways for OD/OA for ground rovers.  I have seen posts on the parallax ping, ultrasonic and kinect.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what works best for rovers traveling 1 to 10 mph?  Seems like most of…
Apr 15, 2012
droter replied to droter's discussion Recommend RC Vehicle for Rover?
"Thanks Thomas,

Looks great.

Apr 9, 2012
droter posted a discussion
Does anyone have a recommendation on an RC vehicle to use as a rover with ARM 2.0?Thanks for your suggestions,Matt
Apr 9, 2012