3DR Power Module Limits

Hello all.My motors are rated 23A per motor and i have 4 so that is 92A combined of max continuous current, What happens if it spikes to 100A and is 92A able to work or is 90A the absolute maximum for this power module.Also i do know that i can adjust the throttle to only use 90% but my question still stands.

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  • Yeah i am going to buy a meter and then if it exceeds 90A ill tune it down so it doesn't blow.

    i will probably buy "Turnigy 130A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer" unless advised not to.

    thanks for posting!
    • Watt meters are great,I recommend them either way.Recently bought one for planes.Really takes guess work out it.Cheapest 100A i know of is Here.just bench test one motor and work from there.

      • 100KM

        Thanks Dez, I was looking for a HV one, couldn't find!

  • Going over 90A would probably damage the power module and i wouldnt advise pushing it that hard. That being said however, just because you motors are rated at 23A doesnt allways mean they will draw that much. I fly a big Octo with motors that are rated at 20A each 20*8=160A that is way more than the power module can handle. But I know that each motor only draws about 5A in the hover and about 10 in a Quick climb.

    My advice is get a amp meter and see how much they are drawing exactly.

  • my motors are http://www.goodluckbuy.com/sunnysky-x3508s-kv580-brushless-disc-mot...

    that sounds correct about the bigger the prop the more current is needed if you look at the stats in the above link.

    at-least someone has replied.

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