3DR Radios w/ qGroundControl on OSX

I have been trying to get information about using the 3DR Radios on OSX in conjunction with qGroundControl but I have not been able to find anything. 

I have the 3DR radios working with mission planner on my mac using parallels to run Windows 8, but I would like to use them with qGroundControl on OSX, however when I plug them in there is no option o qGroundControl to select a serial port, I guess I am missing a driver or something. Any one know if this can be done?

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  • Well, I just found a link to the APM Planner 2.0 for MAC, that contains the drivers for the FTDI chip used in the 3DR Radios, with that I was able to connect the radios. If anyone is looking for it, here is the link:


    • After I install the FTDI on my Mac,  I still can not find the serial port. 

      Is there anything wrong or I just missed something special?

      • Does the usb connection show up?

        • I finally found the problem. I bought the 3DR Radios with some hardware that

    • Thanks for the information.

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