3DR telemetry no longer supported by 3DR....options?

I have been using the 915mhz telemetry v2 units with my Pixhawk for a while now.  One of them is not giving the range that it used to and I need a replacement.

I varified the range with the use of my Fighting Walrus iDrone Link and one unit is getting about 100m range while the other is getting good signal to where my hexacopter is just a spec in the distance.

Problem 1:

I can not get hold of Fighting Walrus any more.  They have not answered my emails since about October of 2015.  I am assuming they are no longer active? (also no updates to their iOS app for almost a year)

Problem 2:

3DR are no longer making their 900 or 433 telemetry units. (verified vie an email to them)

"Hello Justin,

Thank you for contacting 3DRobotics customer service.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we do not have the Telemetry available anymore since they have been discontinued, both the 915 and 433."

I am using a Nexus 7 v2 Tablet with the Tower App (great app by the way)


Other than the $250 long range 900mhz kits (I don't need/am not allowed to use super long range) or $10 knock 3DR off kits from China (gamble as to whether you get a good one/no warranty), what options are there that are "PnP" ?

I am using a Taranis Plus TX with x8r RX and could use that telemetry but then there is no way to load missions in the field.

Thanks for input


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  • I have read the posts and I understand.  Four years ago, when I started, the current drone frenzy was only a pipe dream.  Back then Micocopter was the only available, "off the shelf drone,"  If you wanted a quad then building it was the best option.

    My question:  It was my understanding, perhaps mistaken, that 3dr sponsored the DIYDRONES website.  As such, discussion and support was centered around 3dr products.  Without DIYDRONES we don't have a community.  Is this website in jeopardy?

    If this site is not centered on 3dr products then well we all discuss all other flight controllers?  

    Rob is dropping out, and the remark is, "I hope the site can maintain itself."  So the developers are jumping ship?

    Worried about the future...

    • Developer

       So the developers are jumping ship?

      I'm not. As a developer, I don't worry about the future. The future is just constantly evolving, and I plan to evolve with it :-)

      • As long as the DIY drone enthusiast is not "involved" in the "evolving" right?!




        As soon as the "New Gen Pixhawk" is out, there will be no more up to date DIY from 3DR it seems.

        You guys make great stuff.  WTF is going on at 3DR?????


        • They have clearly said no more DIY.

          They have also indicated they are not into consumer quadcopters any longer - Solo never gained traction or market share.

          Read between the lines. That means they are not the old 3DR nor the new one. Rather they are looking for a direction to go to salvage some of the work done and money spent.

          • Just curious where you read this? 

            • Chris said no more DIY.

              Chris made it clear they weren't really into consumer quads any longer and that they were going to try something new in enterprise that may come to fruition in 5 years.

              Chris said lots of other things. Employees have also. Investors have also talked to me (I'm an industry blogger). 

              What specifically is it that you are asking about "where did I read"?

              If it's Solo sales you are talking about, I read clearly that they intended to put a dent in DJI's market share with up to 100K units sold in 2015. I read that they considered themselves #2 in consumer quadcopters worldwide. I read that they thought they were going to become worth a billion dollars soon since they hired the world's leading UAV designer and were going to leapfrog everything else on the market. 

              None of those panned out. The numbers and statement are printed in forbes, fortune, etc. and spoken on Fox Business, etc.

              Sales numbers are visible on Amazon (rank) and in many other ways.

              Is there a part of the statement that you disagree with? I can try to provide more exacting info. 

              My only point here is that folks seem to be mixed up by a lot of these conflicting actions and statements and should understand the basics behind them. Again, these have been stated by Chris and 3DR but you'd have to listen (to videos, blog posts here and elsewhere, tweets, etc.)

              • you just make it up as you go along. running around the internet berating 3DR and the Solo. spewing bullshit as if they are fact. like you're big time and all. When the truth is you are a loser. Tell DJI you need some more help.
                • You have to wonder, how much effect did his, and the bigfoot's,  continual bashing of Solo and 3DR contribute to less than expected success of the Solo. I have been mostly happy with my Solo, and completely happy with 3DR's customer support. Only negative I have is that the weather and my schedule keep me from flying more. Mind you, Craig's comments are all 2nd hand. He neither owns one, or to my knowledge, has any real flight time with one.

                  • Seriously? I think that is delusional. 3DR did were 100% responsible for the disastrous launch and DJI finished them off with pricing that upended their business model. No need to debate it here though but you need to get some perspective. This was a mass consumer product whose marketing and distribution went straight to big box. Potential new customers heard nothing about either those two folks.

                  • I'd say we had about zero effect on Solo success or failure.

                    As Chris has noticed, DJI smoked them. And they smoked themselves with late and flawed deliveries. 

                    Mind you, also, some of the people directly involved in the project and who fly many a Solo have reached out to me. Just because you are not having a building falling on you in an earthquake doesn't mean the event didn't happen (or does it).

                    All these conversations are, IMHO, about certain fighting for the crumbs and the scraps...as well as anger from those who don't like the way capitalism works. 

                    I've said it before and will repeat it. I would have taken the money myself and tried to make 3DR a billion dollar company. Only a fool or very strong hearted person would have the fortitude to "stand down" in the face of the drone boom. 3DR took that chance and failed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with failure - against paraphrasing Chris - he partnered with the wrong guy (Mexico) instead of China. He (as the leader all problems are his) also hired some of the wrong people and made many other mistakes....like we all do.

                    He shot for the moon and missed. That's what people have been doing for thousands of years. No praise no blame.

                    Where we stop learning the lessons is if such is denied, IMHO.

                    Anyway, I'm not here (at diy) to pontificate or argue. I do that elsewhere. This is 3DR's (actually not - it's Chris's) platform and I will leave the spinning to him.

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