Datasheet LEA-M8Datasheed LEA-6H,

Can someone tell me if the 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit support the GLONASS GPS network or not?

Looking at the picture's on 3DR website I see that the uBlox LEA-6H-0-002 receiver is used:

I remember that I read somewhere about a firmware update to fix bugs and make the LEA-6H GLONASS network compatible.

The firmware I already have found buy I'm not shure it is for ANY version of the LEA-6H series!?

Link to Firmware update GPS/GNSS receivers: u-blox 6

Wil it be posible to upgrade the uBlox receiver (when pin-compatible) to use the uBlox LEA-M8 or LEA-M8S ?

Datasheed LEA-6H

Datasheet LEA-M8

Who can tell me some more about this?

Thanks in advance!

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  • just checked GLONASS thing more carefully and you need to upgrade formware

    • It is my understanding that the series 6 and 7 units from u-Blox do NOT support concurrent GNSS types. So while with the correct antenna, you can track Glonass, you can't track both GPS and Glonass at the same time. You need a series 8 from u-Blox for that.

    • also you need to change antenna inside.

      there is single-band antenna by default but you need dual-band to make Glonass workable (1575,42 / 1602 Mhz)

      another question is - how does Pixhawk work with GLONASS data? it's not the same syntax as GPS message. If Pixhawk firmware doesn't operate with it, it's useless to upgrade firmware =(

  • Hi i was just looking at this exact same thing and yes it seems to use GLONASS, here is a spec sheet from the ublox site

  • subscribe ;)

    As I can see post date&time not only we got problems with GPS coverage yesterday. And for sure it's better to use 2 independent system for autonomous UAVs..

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