3DR X8 - crashing all the time right after the launch. Logs attached.

Frame - 3DR X8

Arducopter - 3.1.15

Mission Planner - 1.3.10

One beautiful day my X8 stop working with me. Right after the launch in stabilize mode I changed filght mode to loiter and X8 flips upside down and fell to the ground like stone. 

After that I check all cables, connections, reinstall firmware, do accell, radio, compass calibration. Everythings looks fain. 

Another try - the same. Once again reparing stuff, changing broken props etc. Another try the same.

I can figure it out what's wrong. Today was the same.First attempt - after changing to loiter X8 starts freaking out and starts flying away, I changed to RTL - this was even worst. So I change to stabilize and I tried to land it. But It was very very unstable in stabilize mode but somehow I managed to land a small only small crash.

After that I calibrate compass again (this was my only one idea). 

Another launch right after changing mode flip upside down and fell in to the ground :(

What I should check? If someone can help me (Please) I'm attaching logs from todays two "flights".

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Anyone ? Please.. Maybe only some clue how to find an issue?

Looking at your logs, your battery is not charged. or bad. The voltage is around 10.8V and should be more like 11.8V

Unfortunatly this wasn't an issue.3DR Power module was not calibrated, that's why it shows wrong data.

I put you log files through the analyzer tool on Droneshare.com and it says that a failsafe occurred because of GPS glitches.  It also stated that the number of satellites varied between 1 and 10.

I'm not an expert at reading logs, that's just what the analyzer tool is reporting.

Also, it reported that there was a large change in mag_field (36.07%).


When analyzing the second log file it noted that satellites were good but that there was another mag field error but this time it was around 92%.



Could you provide a link to the Droneshare analyzer tool mentioned above.



Create a profile and then once you're logged in you should see a map of the world and in the upper right corner you should see your name.  Click on your name and that brings up a drop down box with 2 options: "My Profile", and "Log Out".

Click on "My Profile".

That will bring up a new page, click on the orange box titled "+ Add New" to add in a new vehicle.

Once the vehicle is created you can click on it and that brings up the vehicle page with a large box on the right that says "Drag and drop mission logs here"  Drag you log files into that box and it will add them to the vehicles profile and they will be placed under the vehicle info box

Click on the mission and it will bring up a map of where the mission took place.  On the right hand side of the screen there will be a dialog box that has some pretty useful information on the flight and you can click on "Analyze" or "Parameters" (depending on the type of log file you uploaded) and it will spit out a pretty detailed report of what your parameters are or the errors that occurred and compare them to what 3DR recommends.

Analyzing logs is a pretty involved art and this tool isn't 100% yet in getting all of the fine details out but it is pretty good at pointing out the big problems.

As a side note, this is a great place to log your mission files from all of your flights so that you can dump your SD card as it fills up.  You can go back and look at previous flights and see what has changed.


Hi Maciek,

May I ask you to open a ticket with our support at help@3drobotics.com?  We'll get to the bottom of this! :)

OK. Already sended all details and ticket is open.

Hey Maciek, did 3DR solve the problems you were experiencing with your X8+?  After 6 successful flights, my X8 is behaving in as erratic as you have discribed. 

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