Selling my 3DRobotics Y6 Drone or UAV, with a lot of extras and everything you need to start flying. I spent countless hours building this thing and figuring everything out to make it fly well. 
It's in great condition and flies very nicely, lots of cool flight modes and uses the APM Autopilot. 

Can program it from a tablet using the included 915Mhz telemetry kit included, and it will fly an auto mission for aerial photography. 
Can also put into "Loiter" mode where if your hands are off the controller it will just hover, and that flight mode is super easy to use. 

- 3DR Y6 Frame, Motors, Electronics, Props (and extra 2 motors, props, legs, etc...) 
- Pixhawk Autopilot 
- 3DR 915 MHz radio receiver and transmitter 
- Futaba T10J Transmitter and Receiver ($490 new) 
- 4 batteries, 5000-6000 mah 
- Efuel AC/DC switching power supply and Hyperion balance charger ($350 new) 
-Tarot gimbal for GoPro (can include Hero4 Black for $350 more) 

Please contact me if you have any questions. 






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