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Is there a way to have six modes on the Ardupilot, i know you can on the mega, i can set it up on the transmitter and done a search but only find mega info, any help would be great

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ok looking at the code and Schematic i see the ctrl goes into at45 so is there any way we could get 6 modes? what about going to channel 4? but then i guess you'll have to change the failsafe code, any help at all?

what about software uart tx on the attiny45 to atmega ic instead of digitalwrite?

any help or ideas would be great it feels like i'm talking to myself. is any one else interested in this? if there is a will there is a way


Would probably have to add/rewrite the code and then figure out a mix that'll give 6 different positions on the R/C channel. It's hard getting anyone though to work on this legacy code, a lot of people have them but have either lost interest or don't have the know-how. I'd be interested though to know/see it done.

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