6 Modes?

Hello every one long time user first time post

Is there a way to have six modes on the Ardupilot, i know you can on the mega, i can set it up on the transmitter and done a search but only find mega info, any help would be great

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    Would probably have to add/rewrite the code and then figure out a mix that'll give 6 different positions on the R/C channel. It's hard getting anyone though to work on this legacy code, a lot of people have them but have either lost interest or don't have the know-how. I'd be interested though to know/see it done.

  • ok looking at the code and Schematic i see the ctrl goes into at45 so is there any way we could get 6 modes? what about going to channel 4? but then i guess you'll have to change the failsafe code, any help at all?

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Aug 25