• John, I have a 7C Futaba and used this video to set mine up. My be this will help.


  • 3 modes with 3 positions switch,

    or 6 with rotating pot, (if you want to play hard)

    or try to follow the page 152 instructions of the user manual, (confusing)


    • It has 3 3 position switches and 1 2 position switch so why use the rotating pot
      • Rotating pot: You can have all six modes accessible from the rotating pot, if you need six modes?

        3 modes is all that I need (Stabilize, Alt Hold, Loiter). If your radio is able to mix a switch(master) with a channel(5), you can follow some tutorial and have a 6 modes (2 switches) setting.

        I use the rotating pot for Tuning when needed or Camera Tilt.


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