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UNAV PicoPilot-NA issues

[I'm reposting a discussion started by Jonathan, unfortunately in all caps. Jonathan, we don't allow all-caps contributions here, so I've edited yours into the correct format. --CA] Hopefully I can get some help! I just recieved my picopilot-na and have been testing it for the past couple of days now. I have some issues/questions that i would like some input on. 1: when I engage the autopilot (stationary on the ground) the elevator moves up then down and repeats in no particular pattern and i cannot override the alt (elevator) as I can with the the yaw (rudder). 2: I also tested while in flight, and when I engage the autopilot I immediately lose altitude and get a slight amount of pitch oscillation. I have checked and re-checked servo directions and connections and everything checks out ok. any help would be great from the experienced unav picopilot-na users! thanks.

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    Mark Hanson at UNAV tends to be very responsive. You can ask him this directly at unav.markATverizon.net. But first, I'd do the following:

    1) use servo buffers (like these). I had the same problem you did and they cleared it up
    2) make sure that you've checked that your gain isn't set too high.

    Good luck!

  • Sorry about the all caps, I didnt even realize it was all caps til I read it this morning!
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