Where to begin building a UAV

I am new to this site and I would wish to know what materials I need, software, hardware, stores, tools, and instructions require to build a UAV. Step by step directions would be the biggest help cause I find the UAV (or drones) on the main page lacking in details.

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  • We manufacture our own ZUPPA autopilots which completely designed by us from scratch and all coding is done by us .


    Our unique core technology that goes into creating ZUPPA products makes it possible for “ Anybody to Fly Any type of Drone “ both fixed wing and multicopters .

  • Building an UAV is not as simple as it sounds, you need to have the knowledge, patience, time and be willing to learn. There's a lot that goes into building a UAV and most of the time, things are not plug and play.

    You need to sit down, spend a bit of your time reading and researching.... My 1st drone was a Blade 350QX, it flew great, and it was a great platform for beginners but it had limitations.

    The limitations were what drove me to learn how to build my own drone... Youtube and Google are great places for researching and learning.

  • Hi, Swift!

    As I can persive, by the way you explain few things that you're a stager in this business and I have some doubts in the process that I have to find! It is only questions that I need to be guide trough.

    Perhaps you want to help me!

    Thank you anyway!

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      Way to open up a thread from 2007! We were all hand rolling our own autopilots back then ;-)

  • Hi, Sgt Ric.

    As you, now I'm the nowbie and I'd read your questions.

    I want to ask you if you finally solve your doubts 'cause now I have the same trouble. I really want to nuild my own Drones & I wanna know how!! It would be nice if now you can guide me and solve some of my doubts.

    One of my many questions is; how to estimate the devices that my drone needs, wich motors, propellers, ESC's, etc I should use, the formulas.. perhaps you found some information like in a PDF.. something that might help me would be great!

    Thank you anyway!

  • The best choice for you is GEOCRAWLER 3. You should start with this project
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    I hate to sound rude, but some of the most interesting aspects of this hobby, and sites like DIYDrones, (hence the DIY name) are the experimentation and discovering solutions to unique problems, especially when building a one-of-a-kind craft.

    Yes, this site is a place to share your experiences, breakthroughs, frustrations and proud pics and videos when things do come together.

    People here love to help out and share when you show that you are serious and at least trying.

    For the last 30 plus years I have smiled at the flying field when onlookers rush up to ask the same 3 questions invariably... "How fast/high can it go?”, How much does it cost?”, and “Where can I buy one?".

    Likewise, it sounds like you are looking for an ARF type of solution for Sunday flying.

    This is not that kind of site or hobby.


    NOTE to Chris: I hope I haven't overstepped the bounds of your group
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