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    It's about polarization. A dipole rotated 90 degrees to the sender will not pick up the signal, hence two antenna positioned at 90 degrees to each other is one solution. Circular polarization does the simple thing in that it makes the signal rotate, so as to not loose then signal.

    These antenna will work as they are in the 915MhZ band. They will have an optimum frequency, but probably cover the ISM band that the SiK Radio uses.

    They are big, so easily damaged, so use one on the ground and a normal dipole in the air will also work.
  • Thanks James.

    Would you say you had better range with these antennas?

    • Those circular polarized antennas will offer better range than the rubber ducky ones... The only downside is that there are too big and easy to break/damage, because of their size and construction.

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