• Thank you so much for the replies. Sounds plausible as I did trim it.

      Insha Allah I will try that tomorrow, I think I ate too much MSG in some chips today, knocked me out for the whole day. Will update after trying it.
      • Thank you so much Juliett and thank you so much leonardthall :-)

        Alhamdulillah it worked.......i removed all trims and put the TBS Disco up in the air. AltHold and clicked Autotune:-)

        I danced for less than 5 mins and it was done. Put it into Stabilised and landed and disarmed. But in doing so I armed instead before disarming so i did the the auto tune again, it was much quicker this time round and after landing in Stabilised I disarmed.

        Went up again and flew about until the alarm went off, switched to Land and after landing unplugged. Insha Allah i will download the logs tonight.

        Thank you.

        • Dear Muhammad,

          nice to hear that it worked out fine for you. Such a little flick with the switches can do so much ;-))

          Wish you many happy landings.



  • Hi guys, Alhamdulillah I managed to complete auto tune about a month back but since then it has not "danced" like before. I tried setting up auto tune, due a change in props, again and again to no avail. I tried loading with plane firmware and then loading back with quad firmware following the wizard and still nothing. Although mission planner say "auto tune started" but no dancing.

    What have I done wrong?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Dragged the Hex out this morning after being away for a week and it still flies solid as a rock, but it's has always been a bit sharp to stick inputs so I was going to play around with the PIDs and tame it just a little. Then I remember what Marco wrote in a reply that he added a bit of negative expo, -10 I think it was so I dialled in -15 on elevator and aileron, and whammo, perfect. I thoroughly recommend trying this when your getting close with your PID adjustments, it really does smooth it out.  

  • Had a crash with autotune today.  I've done autotune on this quad before but I did it in stabilize so I wanted to try again with alt hold as per the wiki.


    Took off in stabilize, everything was ok, put it in alt hold, everything good, started autotune, and it started to do the rolls.  It drifted towards me after a bit so I re-positioned and it continued.  Then after a bit it stopped and never proceeded to do the pitch twitches.  I thought something was wrong so I put it in stabilize and tried to reposition, but it stopped responding to my inputs.  You can see at about line 6700 in the log.


    At this point I'm panicking, so I put it into RTH by accident causing it to shoot up, then got it back to stabilize but still didn't have control.  Luckily it hit the snow and ended upside down.  Broke my GPS module and maybe the mobius cam.


    Any ideas what happened?  I realized after that the autotune switch was on the whole time.  I thought I had turned it off but in the panic I flipped a different switch.






    2014-02-06 17-11 - crash autotune.log

  • thank you  Randy 

    i used  an external compass. it's in the gps model.

    i will check it again after i repair my copter. maybe after several days i will report the result.

    thank you very much Randy 

  • Hi to all,

    When doing an autotune which one do you recommend?

    1. Autotune with camera & gimbal.
    2. Autotune without camera & gimbal.
  • i am a new player of apm.

    i want to use AutoTune.

    but in my plane.  it only works 5times, then autotune fail.

    could anybody help to find the problem of my plane. thank you .

    Here are the Specs on the quad:

    Motors: 1805 kv2600


    APM Version: 2.6 with Firmware Version 3.1.1



    2014-02-02 09-18 2.log

    2014-02-02 08-14.log

  • Hi Randy,

    I've got a pretty darn powerful quad build here that was flipping out all the time because of inappropriate PIDs for the amount of power this thing has. When I would move the pitch/roll control stick to extremes, the quad would become uncontrollable and overshoot it's mark, going beyond 45 degrees and sometimes flipping.

    I upgraded to firmware 3.1 and attempted the Autotune which was really cool to watch. After having saved the PIDs and flying again, I gave the extreme pitch and roll commands to test it out. I do this by moving the roll stick to the left and right really quickly... well, the same thing happened as before the Autotune. After looking at the parameters pre and post Autotune, I found that Autotune had actually increased the Rate P of roll and pitch from where it was initially...

    This brings about the question of how does the Autotune calibrate the system? My build is unique in the sense that it is quite over powered:

    Motors: T-Motor MT3520-11 kV400

    ESC: Phoenix Edge Lite 50Amp

    Battery: 2x 6 cell or 2x 5 Cell

    Props: 14x4.7 APC Slow Fly

    I've now going down with my Rate P for pitch and roll from the Autotuned amount of 1.7 to 0.7 and the platform is beautiful to fly in Stabilize.... It seems Autotune may have issues with power quads? Any comments or ideas as to what is going on?

    Also, is there a way to AutoTune Altitude hold? :)

This reply was deleted.


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