Activating a servo above WP


I have a questions relating to servo setup and activating a servo (a camera trigger) when loitering at a point:

I’m practicing the following mission: I like to get to a WP, loiter 2 times. During this loitering I like to activate a servo (from low to high). After the 2 turns to switch off the servo (1000) and go to the next WP.

In the mission planner I’ve set it like this, but the servo was not activated at the WP:


Can you please correct me, what I’ve missed?

Thank for helping,


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  • Hi Itzik Somehow ended up with a freind request from you.  I noticed your intent to acquire X-Plane.  Be advised from my own experience that this Ver 10 requires great processing power - at least - a 2-core 3 gigaherz computer, gobs of RAM, a game level video card with at least 4 Mb of memory, and the expertise to allocate the reasources of the card and hard drive to meet the needs.  You will also need joystick with multiple switches and rudder pedals. (or a 3-axis joystick) until you get the loop closed through your A/P and can use your Tx controls.   It is on 10 CDs which (9 not necessary) takes about 5 and 1/2 hours to load.  Load only CD number 1 (about 25 minutes).  Learning is a challenge.

    Strongly recommend before buying that you download the free, 185 page X-Plane manual (and see what is involved - then make an informed decision  on buying the program.. Also-it used to be possible to get a free copy of Disk number 1 which is all you need. the other 9 are for scenery around the world.

    My gut feel is that you can figure out a solution to your problem many days earlier than you can get the loop closed around X-Plane - depends of course on power of your computer, your budget,  and your CS background.


    Mike Cowan
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    Lots of questions!

    OK, let's solve one problem at a time. 

    Do you have HiL? X-Plane? Flight Gear?

    Load the attached missions script.

    Your airport is TX35. 

    If you have trouble launching with your model, lift off manually, then switch to auto.

    Here is me running the circuit:


    The servo gets set immediately after the plane enters WP#3's circle. The servo gets turned off as it exits the loiter and hits WP#6. This is just one example of how this can be done.


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