ADVICE on Roof surveying

Dear fellow Drone enthusiasts,

I have recently started my own roofing company and I'm looking to purchase an RC Camera Drone to carry out roofing surveys and assessments.  I want really high quality images but I don't want to spend the earth!

Can anyone advise me on what they think would be the best package to purchase?

I would need to access buildings of up to 20m maybe control through a monitor where the drone would have to fly out of visual sight.  I would want a really robust (if possible) drone with a high (as possible) quality camera and a control with a screen to see where im flying.

My apologies if there has already been a thread posted on this topic but I did try a brief search to no avail. 

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I'm looking spend no more than 350GBP all in but if that's totally unrealistic then so be it..

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        • If you are saying there is not a maximum takeoff weight for any multirotor you are very wrong...

          The motors are rated for a maximum speed and thrust, anything above that is pulling too much current, overheating, and causing power system failures.

          • yes, that's the logic advertising (and you) are using,  "6motors x 2Kg thrust = 12Kg MTOW."

            good luck flying that in real world - , even 10kg TOW  would be very bad.

            if all motors are at or near full load, you cannot manouver or maintain an attitude, or angle needed to fight wind.

            - I will not spend more time arguing at this level :)

            • I think we are agreeing, and it is just your English/phrasing that is confusing the matter.

              The MTOW suggested by the manufacturer already has a built in factor of safety (if they do it right).

              • yep - english is not my native language.

                Nor have I even seen any manufatturer properly show max load.

                All says " wind up to xx"  , "speed up to xx" , "payload up to xx"

                while the reality is like:

                With a very certain load, (weight + what's presented to the wind) , with a certain wind, a certain altitude, the vehicle can handle properly and travel with speed xx upwind"

                the thing is that a multirotor needs a steep lean to just stand still in fast wind, and much more power to be able to travel against it and behave well without loosing altitude.

                many boast higher speed, or flytime than they can maintain in perfect conditions or even w/o payload.

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