I have just ordered my first ArduPilot.

Attached are my 'proof of concept' pictures.

The plane is a 'foamie' home design (also rigged with lights for night flights).

121 pics were taken with an iPhone at 2 sec intervals at an estimated height of 25m; auto stitched with Photoshop and rectified with 6 control points from Hypertiles.

I just need ArduPilot to control the flight path. 

I now need to find a plane that will carry 2 cameras (Colour and NIR).

I have attached a Google Earth KML if you want to see the site. Use HyperTiles to see a better view.

The eventual aim is to fly crops for farmers.

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Further info attached.


Very nice, thank your for sharing! I will be following your project with great interest, as I'm also very interested in aerial photography/imaging. I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't seen much in the way of photo stitching and how nice it would be to see someone generate some imagery, even if it is not APM driven. And lo! Here it is! Thank you.


Do you have an NIR unit picked out?

No, I haven't picked cameras yet.

I have to find a supplier that will supply a NIR camera or will modify a standard camera with a filter.

What field are you into?

Similar to what I do (mostly troubleshooting through software development) but with an interest in the potential of UAV photography for farming applications.

I'm yet to get through the Cival Aviation Authority in Australia.......

Stay tuned.

OMG, my Ardupilot arrived from Mexico after only 5 days, impressive; BUT, no documentation, no instructions, no software. Now what do I do???
Are you building a plane or a copter? See the manual for ArduPlane or ArduCopter above.

Start here

'Tis a plane.

Will most likely pull out my 25 year old Senior Telemaster to test it all out.

And, in the last 2 hours I did find the instructions on line.

Many thanks for your reply.

I just found the attached in a local Australian paper.
Only in America.
I wonder what the implications are for the rest of us??

Just found the attached in a local Australian paper.

'Only in America'.

I am just wondering what the implications are for the rest of us??

Just a heads up, let's post any responses to this comment in the existing blog, as not to foul this thread:
Thank you!

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