I just started using a Nexus 7 tablet in a GCS.

The problem is that neither Droidplanner nor Andropilot  have any way of doing a preflight calibration for airspeed.

Does anybody know how to do this?

Is there a work around to achieve airspeed calibration until it is added to one of the android apps?





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There's no need to do it often.

For calibration; disable ARSPD_USE

You can achieve very good calibration by enabling ARSPD_AUTOCAL  , then disable it when you are happy with the results , enable ARSPD_USE

Hi Andre,

I have done ARSPD_AUTOCAL and that is fine. I am referring to preflight calibration like found in Mission Planner.

When the APM is first plugged in the airspeed is always at a high level even with the plane motionless.

The preflight calibration brings it close to 0.

strange, it might be due to the fact I run a little older Arduplane.  -still, do not know why something needs to be done manually.

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