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Quadcopter, Plane and Tricopter. Mostly for aerial video.

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Rob Lowe replied to Rob Lowe's discussion Airspeed preflight Calibration with Android device
"Hi Andre,
I have done ARSPD_AUTOCAL and that is fine. I am referring to preflight calibration like found in Mission Planner.
When the APM is first plugged in the airspeed is always at a high level even with the plane motionless.
The preflight…"
Mar 13, 2014
Rob Lowe posted a discussion
Hi,I just started using a Nexus 7 tablet in a GCS.The problem is that neither Droidplanner nor Andropilot  have any way of doing a preflight calibration for airspeed.Does anybody know how to do this?Is there a work around to achieve airspeed…
Mar 12, 2014
Rob Lowe replied to Kevin Hester's discussion Andropilot - discussion for Android ground controller users/developers
"Hi, Great app!
Is there a provision for preflight airspeed calibration for planes?
How do I zero my altitude and airspeed before flying?
Mar 12, 2014
Rob Lowe replied to Bruno Lobo's discussion Trouble downloading maps
"Yes, I have just updated to 1.2.97 and now I am having these issues with maps partially blurred or not loading at different zoom levels. I haven't updated for a long time because I had a mission planner that worked. Now I am back to one that has…"
Mar 1, 2014
Rob Lowe replied to Fête Mobile's discussion V-Tail Mixing in firmware
"Great work with the Vtail code. I just installed it and it seems to work well in manual mode and stable.
Will the Vee-Tail patch work for the new 2.74 release?
Can you also create a Vee-Tail Zip with the new 2.74 firmware?
Thanks in advance,
Jul 16, 2013