Altitude loss in AUTO

Just updated to 2.9.1. Worked great in previous version.Set up a quick mission. 200 meters west, delay for 15 seconds and then RTL.Manually launched and switched to auto. The hex headed toward the waypoint but started losing altitude very rapidly. Took it back manually and landed thank god.Altitude hold works perfect. I am at a loss.Help.

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  • My problem with altitude loss in auto SOLVED !!! :-D

    It was my fault...  :-/

    I had accidentally set the channel 7 option to store waypoints and on the radio my timer switch also was triggering ch 7 ...

    So every time I switched on the timer the new waypoint at zero alt. and @home pos overwrote my stored wp:s

    Michael Pls check if this is your problem as well...

    Regards Ronny Grimm

    AUTO Problem solved.jpg
  • Just found in the mission planner PDF manual that you should go full throttle when switching to AUTO... Will give it a try tomorrow...
  • Hi!

    I have the same problem with my hex and 2.9.1.

    Hovers at half throttle and climbs like a rocket at full throttle so no performance issue...

    Altitude hold perfect, within 1 m, also when flying around at reasonable speeds

    Loiters perfectly, (incredibly well.... within 50 cm...)

    RTL works ok climbs to default alt 50 m, flies home and descending

    Next test navigate...Then problems started

    Tried a lot of different missions 


    Mission with 4 wp @50 meter alt.

    AUTO in air =starts descending slowly from the current position.

    (once it flew wp 1 and 2 then descending at wp2 without proceeding to 3 and 4)

    Tried mission with auto takeoff and autoland

    AUTO takeoff = climbs a couple of meters then descending slowly

    Have Arduplane in a fixwing and it navigates perfectly.

    I´m running out of ideas...

    Need help!



  • No, it's interesting in altitude hold it works perfect until you put it in auto! The alt hold sends the draft into orbit if I let it.
  • T3
    Try slowing the speed down. I get a drop when I fly with altitude hold and move quickly.
  • Hex flies perfect in stabilize mode. 


    Z-accel is really good with a standard deviation around 5 (engineer here created an incredible damping system.


    altitude hold is right on and very stable.


    Question:  are we still using AGL of have we converted to MSL altitude.  Verify altitude programs MSL altitudes with waypoint assignment. Last flight I used MSL altitudes and it still dropped like a rock as if it was trying to correct a very large altitude error.




  • Desperation BUMP

  • What height was your waypoint?

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