• Yes I am using the SBus for the receiver output to the pixhawk. 

        I suspect the 'wrong' data is coming from the telem2 port but I don't know what data it is!


        • I am using a pixhawk on telemetry port 2 and it just works.  I had the same issue at first until I realized you have to configure the telemetry screens on the Taranis to show all the other stuff.  By default it only shows a1.  Have you done that?

          • Yes I have configured all three screens on the Taranis.

            Is the data from telem2 the same as telem1?

            Can you confirm the led on the teensy blinks at a slow rate all the time? 


            • If the LED blinks slowly then the Teensy tries to connect to Mavlink.

              When connected and receiving from MavLink the LED shall be steady on.

              If not check to see that you have Rx,Tx connected the right way..

              Teensy Pin9 ---> Pixhawk Pin2

              Teensy Pin10 ---> Pixhawk Pin3

              Teensy GND ---> Pixhawk Pin6

  • I feel very incompetent as I have not managed to get this working with my PixHawk. 

    I have data going into and coming out of the Teensy3.1 to the SPort but only get A1 data at the Taranis transmitter (upgraded to version 2940 firmware). I get no other data.

    Is there something else I need to setup - I am still using the radio telemetry link to Mission Planner on the laptop and that connects and works ok. 

    Any help appreciated. 


    • Have you definitely got it connected to the smart port on the receiver and not the sbus? You get A1 without the Teensy.
  • Just thought of a neat mod that would work with this - height activated retracts.

    Ideally you'd have an RC channel hooked too up to allow an override if your barometer has decided you're at -3m high or something but it shouldn't be too hard.

  • Well done, Rolf. This is brilliant work! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  • I think this should be ported to OpenLRSng. To have an LRS with native APM telemetry on my Taranis would be fantastic.

    • second that :)  2.4ghz is inherently inferior to 433mhz, I heard that oenLRSng on DTF UHF equipment can reach 6-7 miles telemetry on a simple dipole. I cannot confirm from personal experience, but the guy behind ghettostation (Guillaume S) claims getting such results regularly.  

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