• Hello i come from Mikrokopter world

    I got in my hands recently a TARANIS radio and i start to play around with the Telemetry data from X8R RX , i found some projects that already work for FrSky like this Mavlink_Frsky project , that do the communication between the Mavlink and Frsky. with the help of my Friend Nicolas "nicodh" i found some other sources like Altastation , that takes MK data and concatenates them in order to show them into a smal Lcd with Arduino.
    So i start some developent to combine those two projects , and take the good parts of them . i finsish this project in just 3 days , so there are plenty more things to do , 

    So i am pushing data to Taranis like.
    any many more

    There is also a lua for it!
    The project is open source in github

    Mikrokopter Data to FrSky TARANIS telemetry. Contribute to gc9n/TARANIS_MK_NETTRAPTOR development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • good

  • Rolf, Excellent Work, many Thanks!

    Today I just got my teensy and programmed it, waiting to do the wiring tomorrow.

    Is Sbus to CPPM comming?

    HDOP also in the plans?

    If I have other Sport sensors, do I just plug in the teensy in last (farthest from X8R), correct?


  • I upgrade my taranis x9d 2.0.5 firmware into 2.0.7 and after upgrading, cell and cells function in the teensy does not working. The value of cell and cells is always zero. When I used 2.0.5 taranis firmware, everything was working great. I think taranis 2.0.7 firmware has some problem with teensy 3.1. Please solve this problem.


    • I posted this issue on RCForums, in a discussion touting 2.0.7.  RCForums OpenTX 2.0.7

      • Hi

        hadn't had the time yet to check, but yes Cell and Cells and also VFas are off.

        These corresponded before 2.07 to FrSky SensorID's: 0x0300 and 0x0210.

        I'll try to have a look at the FrSky source, but I'm sure that Bertrand or Kilrah from OpenTX would have the correct answers.

        • T3

          Did this get resolved at all in 2.08 or is this still an issue?

          • I tried it in 2.08 taranis firmware, but it still has an same issue.

        • So it could be corrected with an update to the code the Teensy is running?

          • I sincerely believe that it's a very simple correction to enable the reading of the altered SensorID's, but I'm still speaking with Kilrah on RCGroups to be sure.

            So we'll have a 1.4 version probably....

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