• I just gave that one source as an example! Since I don't know where you are, I don't know what shipping adds.  I'm sorry you took that as a recommendation to pay a lot for shipping.  The Teensy 3.1 isn't a very exclusive product -- they're available everywhere.  I guess I assumed you'd shop for it.

        I wasn't and am still not convinced the processors are the same.  Comparing them both against the size of the micro-USB connector on the board indicates they certainly aren't.  And they didn't show the back of the board, but boasted "21 I/O pins".  The Teensy 3.1 has 23 I/O pins (around the edge), and 14 more on the back.  What if you wind up needing one of the missing ones?  What if they are re-ordered?  And even if the processor IS equivalent despite being much smaller, and the pads are there and needed, if something doesn't work, you're going to wonder about the board and start backtracking the contact definitions.  I don't know about you, but when I'm trying to repeat the success of someone else, I don't substitute ANYTHING until I've duplicated the result.  I generally assign a value of $50 to one hour of my personal frustration when applied to any hobby.

        Osh Park sells the Teensy 3.1, U.S. made, for $17 plus $2 shipping (domestic -- don't know where you live). Teensy 3.1 (U.S.) $19 shipped

        That deal works for me.  I agree shipping out of Asia is often arbitrarily high. We've all seen with HobbyKing using Swiss Post, it starts out with a fairly steep base rate.  In the case of Swiss Post, it seems to stay about the same up to 1kg, then goes up sharply above that.  I think HobbyKing uses them because it encourages people to pack their orders with more parts!  Others probably use them because they result in less hassle to the vendor.

        Anyway, I think in the final analysis, you're going to have more confidence in the "genuine" product, and the $12 is a rounding error in what we all spend on this stuff!  Good luck.  Let's all be successful with this great telemetry mod!

        • OK, your explanation accepted! Most of the forums I visit indicate my loocale, S. of France, but not here on DIYD. Actually, I find only the occasional U.S. company has reasonable international shipping, and many Asian sources offer free shipping. And for some lucky reason, French customs only appear to be on duty when the supervisor makes his monthly check up. So 90%+ of my hobby purchases are from the East, and make it through with no additional tax or duty. Even HobbyKing is a good source for me, for light weight stuff.

          From your analysis, it definitely seems the 3.1 is the one to try, looking forward to implementing your excellent system!

          • My Teensy 3.1 arrived today and I was sniffing around on the PJRC site and saw this: Looks like your "teensy"

            They claim it won't work with the loader, etc.  My controller and receiver (for my Alien 560 quad) should be here in a week or so.  That's the build I'll try this on.  In the mean time, I'm looking at other Teensy projects to see if another one could sequence LEDs or something else entertaining.  I'd like to have some clue how it works beyond just putting wires in the right places and loading a program.

          • T3

            The 3.1 is the only one that will work for this specific project. There are some issues with inverting signals that the other Teensy boards can't do so it really needs to be the 3.1. It's a pretty simple project as well and is fairly straightforward if you have selected out the posts in the thread that look important. That's what I did.

  • It may be the same processor, but why buy something with a different physical layout, when an actual Teensy 3.1 is less money?

    Teensy 3.1 with header

    It seems to me, buying the correct part the first time may avoid wasting quite a lot of your time.

  • Very interesting project! About to undertake this, but I see you specify Teensy3.1
    Will the Teensy advertised on ebay as Board AVR MKII ISP Download Cable AT90USB162 also work?
  • Rolf, Excellent Work, many Thanks!

    Today I just got my teensy and programmed it, waiting to do the wiring tomorrow.

    Is Sbus to CPPM comming?

    HDOP also in the plans?

    If I have other Sport sensors, do I just plug in the teensy in last (farthest from X8R), correct?


  • I may have missed this, can the frsky jxt module send the data out to a computer base station, possibly using a teensy between the jxt and the USB for the comp or tablet?

    • TEARIG.  Are you referring to the DJT, or XJT module?  I'm guessing it's the DJT module you are suggesting can send telemetry from the connection on the back to a computer?

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