• Hi Luis,

    Are you running the lua on the standard or the plus model of the Taranis? I'm using the plus model and see some of the telemetry data is cut off on the right hand side (e.g. gps fix). is there a place in the script which could be adjusted?

    Thanks !

    • Hi

      To the best of my knowledge both radios have the same screen resolution. 

      Yes, both data from V (Hdop) and V (nr of sats) and even X (distance to home) can go beyond the right hand margin. That was a choice that IMHO doesn't affect the operation, because on HDOP if one has 15,8 the ,8 goes of the screen but the relevant part is still visible. On Nr of sats I could eliminate the abbreviation "sat" but I preferred to leave it so, when 12 sats are visible only part of the word gets off screen. If I would have accounted for the maximum length of every field there wouldn't be enough real estate on the screen to have everything I wanted to be onscreen.

      If you want to change positioning, please go ahead, the areas are independent and marked on the script source (e.g. gpspanel, power panel, etc)


      Btw: On certain arrow positions the arrow gets partially overwritten by the distance too :)

  • The T1 sends GPS status but it is not very useful in the way it combines satellites and fix status:

    gps_status = (ap_sat_visible*10) + ap_fixtype;

    It is not possible to create a custom switch to play a track when there is a 3D fix.

    T1 > 43 would work but the problem is that for example 62 is also larger than 43 but without 3D fix.

    • Hi

      If you have say, 20 parameters to send from the APM to the Taranis, but only have 15 slots to fit them, how would you do it ??

      The field combinations used were the solution.

      If you want a warning for 3dfix just add a simple script


      if T1-INT(T1/10)*10 >=3 then play 3d warning

      btw: a 3d fix is not a guarantee of a good gps position, not even hdop.

  • I've been out and tested this today using the lvale/MavLink_FrSkySPort branch. Evertyhing worked well, I especially love the battery monitoring part!

    I may have set it up wrong but the way i wired it up was to tap the TX lead from the pixhawk which goes to the 433mhz telemetry radio but The telemetry doesnt send down to the taranis unless the 433 telemetry radio is connected to a ground station.

    Have i done it wrong?

    • About the battery monitoring part, please don't forget It is something highly experimental.

      I tried to have better calculations made on the script, but had problems with script size and too many math operations :)

      I also have the 433 radio but on its own port, my Teensy "shares" a port with the Bluetooth adapter.

      • Ok understood about the battery monitoring 

        The taranis was showing used mah as - 4206 and the mah put back in after charging was 4293. so its pretty close. Your script was showing 15% left and of a 5000mah battery thats ok

    • Not really, you just need to setup SR parameters in the full parameter list, I bet they all are 0-s. Set them up the same way as for the minimosd and all will be good. 

      • Sorry not really sure what you mean? I have Minimosd working on the other telemetry port.

        I assume SR is serial rate? is this in the full parameters in mission planner? what should i change them to?



  • There seems to be a few different variations of the code flying about now.

    Has anyone done a comparison table so that people like me who want to try this is able to work out which is the best version to go for?

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