• Would there be no more support for teensy 2.0?
  • Hello! I have been using this feature for quite long time witrh Wolke code for Taranis 2.0.17. Now upgraded to 2.1.3. So I had to change everything on Taranis. Script are working for voltage, amps, heading, alt. This is what i get from Teensy with old Tennsy3.1 code from wolke. So I wanted to upgrade also my Teensy. 

    Everything is from Clooney82 github.

    I have Arduino 1.0.5; Arduino 1.0.5ERW; and latest 1.6.5. Libraries are copied, all three have Teensy boards to select. 

    The problem is that i cannot compile latest code. All three give me error messages. No errors with wolke code for Teensy3.1.

    I ve been reading latest posts, that people are happy with Clooney82 code. 

    What Arduino you are using? Or there are some hidden small tricks?

    Here are what i get from Arduino.



    This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to athertop/MavLink_FrSkySPort. Please do not use this repo, and follow…
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      • Ok, thanks that worked. I renamed improper ino file to the folder name. Sorry my mistake. :) Never had problems with renaming, always did that, just my sketch folder to be clear and readable for what version, for this and that model.
        Ps. Just tried your new offset file, still shows error on Taranis. And new telem1.lua shows blank screen.

        Forgot to ask. Does Your code works with Apm Rc3.1.5 or only with 3.2 or 3.2.1?
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          • Hi thanks, got that working. From beginning i was trying to data flow with old arducopter SR.. values, that worked fine Wolke code on Taranis 2.0.17.
            These values did not worked, then i read your wiki and whola SR values are quite different, changed almost everything to 10 and now telemetry works very well.
            Just couple questions. Sometimes when arming my Apm board, i get "calibrating barometer" two times. Second question about heading value. On Minimosd Heading is working just after startup, but on Taranis i get heading reading only when i get sattelite reception.
            Thanks for help!
            • The heading feed starting only after having  a 3D sat. fix is   by design in MavLink_FrSkySPort-s-c-l-v-rc-opentx2.1

              This is done in FrSkySPortTelemetry.ino line 390 with   " if(ap_fixtype>=3)".

              To get around this limitation  you need only to add  to the   " if "  statement an else branch and execute the same "gps.setData" call simply  with fake gps (constant) arguments .

              That way  i can  use my  copter   indoors with  compass functionality or outdoors  with the additional gps functionalityBetter even : if you implement the latest  MavLink_FrSkySPort-s-c-l-v-rc-opentx2.1-next  branch . the arrow in the  gps panel will even synchronize  with the compass heading  alone;-)


  • I'm having trouble getting gps and compass data up on my Taranis. Alt, Flight Mode, V, A, and Curr all read alright but all compass and gps data remains inactive or at 0. Anyone have any ideas?

    • For whatever reason, GPS and compass started to update appropriately on the Taranis. It now works well. Time to maiden this bird. =D

  • I installed recent Clooney82's teensy 3.1 code and Lua script. Everything is working good but Cmin value is not working. Cmin value is always zero and I use Arducopter 3.2.1 firmware. In addition, I don't use other addon functions. Please let me know what the problem is.


    • Chris, Can I just make certain that you are using a FrSky FLVSS (LiPo monitor) sensor in your setup?

      If not then using the default code compiled and uploaded on your Teensy you will receive no source telemetry data for the Cmin to work. Options if you do not have the FLVSS are:

      1. use the LiPo single-cell Monitor add-on to the Teensy described here: (which needs a slight Teensy code change to enable)?

      2. get the teensy to generate fake FLVSS single cell voltage telemetry. Do this by editing MavlinkFrSkySPort.ino (part of the Teensy code) to un-comment the //#define USE_FLVSS_FAKE_SENSOR_DATA line. Plus configure the line #define MAXCELLS 3 in the same file to reflect the number of cells in your LiPo. This will be used as a divider to calculate average cell voltage using the FAS (Pixhawk battery module voltage) value.

      Just for validation - I use the FLVSS on my setup (2 of them in fact) and am able to get the Cmin value successfully at the Taranis, and on the Telem1.lua screen provided with this telemetry solution.

      This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to athertop/MavLink_FrSkySPort. Please do not use this repo, and follow…
      • Hi,

        I use OpenTX 2.1 and I don't use FrSky FLVSS so I use USE_FLVSS_FAKE_SENSOR_DATA compile option. I'm able to get Cmin value from teensy with average cell voltage using the FAS. I should use FLVSS to get the correct minimum LIPO cell voltage.


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