• I'm getting an  "armed throttle below failsafe" warning everytime I arm my copter. Failsafe is set up per the instructions on the arducopter site and seems to function correctly in MP. I get no warnings in MP when arming my copter with these settings just via the frsky/teensy telemetry. Is this just a normal warning based on checks for a "low throttle" fs setup (my rx is set up for no pulse on loss of signal)? Or do I have something setup wrong? 

  • Hello to evryone

    wonder if i can use this sensor to get each cell volt :

    instead of the original fvlss by frsky ?

    and how can use it without the resistors board ?

    or maybe with the original fvlss becouse it has two s.port conectors ?

    my setup:


    • Diy cell meter from banggood works perfect for less money. Just make sure to make calculations in Opentx 2.1 Companion for each cell from Clooney82 wiki. At the beginning i thought these are just calculated values. They are real values.
      About that diy sensor, battery voltage Cells reading is perfect, but each cell voltage i had to calibrate, solder pins, attach ftdi and with simple program from banggood site, calibrate readings to match multimeter readings.
      • Great 

        But how did you connect this sensor together with the teensy they both use the same s.port

        And on the x8r receiver we have only 1  s.port ?

        Little diagram will be very helpful 


        • With something like this :

          Mine is just diy soldering style.
          • ok

            so by using a simple y cable

            i will see each cell on the lua screen ?

            by the way i am using the script by IVALE


            ac 3.2.1

            didnt preform any flight test yet so to move to  ac 3.3 seems to be a big issue to me

            or should i abandon everythig and start all over again with  this script clooney82:


            by the way can i find a step by step guide to move to clooney82 ?

            This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort where we work together on this. Please d…
            • SPort telemetry sensors are connected in series, so if a sensor (the Teensy can be considered a sensor) does not have 2 connections, it must be the last on the chain.

              I use the FLVSS (with display) sensor from FrSky and a Teensy and the connections are:

              X8R <->FLVSS<->Teensy.

              @effy To move to 3.3 the wiki on Clooney's is quite easy to follow. If you also upgrade the Taranis to 2.1.x you'll have to download new sound files for system.

              • Hi luis

                 1 .so is it a must to use the resistors network to get cell voltage on taranis ?

                    are you using it too ?  or just plug the flvss to balancer and to x8r

                 2. on your ac 3.2 script the transmiter inform the flight mode by voice

                     is it the same here on clooney script ? 

                • Hi

                  1. No, the resistor network is optional. I have X8R<->FLVSS<->Teensy, with no changes whatsoever on the released version at Clooney's

                  2. Yes, a small difference is that it only says the Flight modes from the controller, so no more engaged/active, that were there to report between what was on the switches and what the PixHawk was doing.

                  • Hello Luis i have a problem, the code on the teensy 

                    uint8_t c =;
                    if(mavlink_parse_char(MAVLINK_COMM_0, c, &msg, &status))

                    is not entering this loop what do u think the problem would be?

                    Iam using a APM2.6 and teensy3.2

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