• If I deactivate servce.lua then it is working fine :-) otherwise I get also a memory error


  • Paul,

    Many thanks for this tip. Without the celinf.lua it works again!

    Cheers Gregor

  • Gregor,

    The only way I see the syntax error now is if I have the celinf.lua mixer script added to the custom scripts page. This mixer script seems to just manage to push it past the memory limit for me. I can run the main.lua telemetry script (Screen1) with offset.lua mixer script and the txtmsg.lua telemetry script (Screen 2) without issue. I have no idea why this seems to work on some Taranis radios and not on others. I am working on the next version of the script now (the one with the configuration page) - again I am having memory issues, but there is more scope with this new version for saving memory as it unloads chunks of code when they are not in use. Hopefully I will have more success with this version for all Taranis users.

  • Thanks for your work, but for me I have still the same script syntax error not enough memory.I did a complete new setup. The message script allone works, but the main script allone has still the same issue for me.

    I am using the same software AC 3.4.3 and OpenTX 2.1.9

    Maybe you can give me a hint how to save more memory?



  • Guys, a quick heads up -

    I have just released an updated main.lua file into the Clooney82 repo. This hopefully fixes all of the bugs - certainly all the ones I know of. I have been testing this tonight, on both the simulator and on my taranis (OpenTx 2.1.9) with a quad running Ardupilot Copter 3.4.3. These are the fixes in this version:


    • Model timer (tmr2) - also fixes bug with timer where a missing (nil)variable assigned - I suspect this partly to blame for the syntax error message which was commonly seen launching the script
    • Timer general - have created new timer initialisation code and tidied the code generally to get timers configured and working correctly. Timer 1 is used for a single flight, clocking up time whilst armed. Timer 2 is against the model (a persistent timer)
    • Max Altitude (AltM) - This was not working properly at all - this no longer requires the calculated sensor (AltM) to be created, so one less telemetry sensor :-)
    • Climb rate cosmetic display bug - it was displaying ++n for climb but ---n for descent now just --n
    • Wh meter cosmetic display bug - rectangle alignment fixed in the battery meter


    • removed unnecessary functions - there was one not used at all left from ye olde days!
    • removed unnecessary variables - there were a few redundant local vars now removed

    Cuts down on GC usage so no longer see the syntax error message

    As always the repo is here:

    And the link to the main.lua is here:


    This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to athertop/MavLink_FrSkySPort. Please do not use this repo, and follow…
  • Mogli, No, I did not write the libraries (far above my coding abilities :-) These are standard libraries - aside from FrSkySportTelemetry library, which is the latest Pawlsky version of that library but with some local modifications and additions which were written by Clooney over a year ago - I just merged these additions (which were in the original library version we used in the project) into the latest Pawlsky library to keep the project up to date. I was keen to get the new library version implemented as it includes a feature called sensor polling which is used by the Teensy in certain configurations (when using ULRS for instance instead of FrSky Tx/Rx).

    The LUA scripts have been written and amended over time by a number of individuals, including Christian Swahn, Luis Vale Gonçalves, Michael Wolkstein, Fnoop Dogg, Jochen Kielkopf (aka Clooney82), and myself (aka athertop). This is the beauty of open source projects :-)

    The Teensy code was started by Rolf Blomgren (aka the chap who started this forum post) and was amended over time by all the above individuals, plus Dan Yeakley, to make it more specific to our requirements. There is actually a massive amount of work gone into this over time - I spotted it directly after taking up the hobby, was a user for a while then started getting involved. Most of the other devs have moved on to other things now, so I'm just keeping things running, as I am still a keen user of this telemetry solution.

  • hi Paul,

    yes I read about your plans! Cool!

    Just to understand: You wrote this libaries: and

    Did you also wrote these ( LUA-Scrips??

    This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to athertop/MavLink_FrSkySPort. Please do not use this repo, and follow…
  • snowest, I will release a new lua script in the next few days which will hopefully alleviate some of the syntax error messages (its not the new version with integrated config screen yet, and assuming you have the latest version installed on both teensy and lua then yes, you will just be able to replace the main.lua file with the new one once its available). In the mean time you can probably get things working by removing any mixer scripts and the txtmsg telemetry script (if you have this configured) to save memory. 

  • @Paul:
    I get the syntax error as well on my new Taranis plus 2.1.9.
    When you'll update the lua script, I can basically only download the telmetry script and replace it with the new one?

    The whole telemetry stuff was working fine on my "old" taranis and now I try to update everything (teensy board, rx, fc and I got a new Taranis plus). The last time I did that was two years ago and I' try to remember how it was. This as a little side note.

    Thanks for all your work anyway! I hope it is going to work soon on my radio.
  • Thanks Mogli. The code for calling messages hasn't changed since coptr217. Not sure why your messages are different now. Incase you didn't read one if my earlier posts, I am in the process of a major overhaul of the lua code. I will try to fix the bugs in this version though then pass on the lessons learned to the new code also.
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