• LTMNO,

        I believe it is the percent of available eeprom space, on the Teensie, that the compiled code will occupy.


        • Hi Alan,

          I have been following this thread due to the relation with the Taranis, as I just got one about a month ago, not fully utilised yet. Sorry for ignorance.....but......what is a Teensie

          •  Teensy

            • Thanks Mike, will the telemetry work without the XJT module?
              • sorry i am not using this project, just following it for now. Will use it as a start for another project i have in mind.

                • Thank you buddy, all the best for your project :-)
    • LMTNO,

      It won't work with a standard 9X. You will need to do the FrSky telemetry hardware mod first - there are a number of variants on a basic theme - here is an introductory link:

      Telemetry Mods

      You then need to use a firmware variant that supports FrSky telemetry - I used ER9X. Since I haven't tested the Teensie on a 9X yet - unfortunately mine is busted - I cannot guarantee the outcome but it should work in principle.


      • Thanks for the reply, I have a fully modified 9x with Telemetry... 

        I was just curious as I have had telemetry working with my D8R-XP with IOBoard.. but now I have X8R and SPort... 

        I will let you know, ready to test now.

  • Thanks for this great feature Rolf!

    Mine works great, but I get one annoyance.  My Taranis randomly announces A2 low alarms.  I have everything set to 0 in telemetry setup.  If I do populate the fields, I see randomly jumping around numbers.  I assume because pin 14 is floating?  Should I tie to ground if not in use?

    • ... or edit the MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino file changing

      adc2 =analogRead(0)/4;


      adc2 = 0;

      and then recompile the program.. 

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