• Hi Mike,
      Simply change the code with a text editor and upload the file to your radio. There is no need to compile.
      • I initially figured that, but the changes that I made with an editor didn't work so I went Googling for a reason why. Clearly I have misinterpreted what I read on the main Lua site. Thanks.

        • ok

          You'll have to be a tester for a version of the script that is completely untested (except on the simulator) of the script changed for ArduPlane. 

          Also added specific voice files for ArduPlane Flight Modes (files named AVPFM*.wav)

          Good luck

          Note: When I began this script I was only thinking of MultiCopters so the philosophy might not make much sense for Planes (my only glider is a very small and very hacked Robbe Arcus Airy 780 that has no room for "complex" electronics)

          • Thanks for doing that so quickly. I have been trying to test this but have run into another issue. My 3DR radio link connected to an APM doesn't work with the Teensy plugged in to the GND and Teensy Tx port, as soon as I connect the teensy the radio telemetry stops, restarts as soon as I disconnect.

            I did learn that the Flight mode voices seem to be one index number out of phase. EG when Stabilise Mode is selected the voice prompt says Circle Mode. When Manual mode is selected this appears flashing on the Taranis screen but the voice says nothing. I haven't got it to the point where I know what mode is in the FC yet.

            • Hi

              Sorry, my bad. I messed the sounds naming. Please erase all the files named AVP*.wav and replace with the newer ones.

              What appeared on the LCD is correct. If the name is flashing is because the vehicle is not armed.

              The voices say which Flight Mode has been engaged (with the switches on the radio) and what Flight Mode is active on the Controller.

              • I had the chance to fly this today. I loved to see the information on Taranis screen, thanks for making that happen.

                Some (hopefully useful) feedback.

                While the APM boots you get a continual voice prompt "guided mode active" maybe 20 times. Once everything has settled normal service is resumed.

                When started the Distance to Home seems to default to 100m or so, you need to do a "reset telemetry" on Taranis to get it to zero.

                Estimated Flight time says its calculating (flashing) but doesn't ever get an answer. I tried two different PMs , same outcome.

                HDOP indicator cycles between it's true value (in this case 1.2) and 8.5 or so, flashing.

                I didn't have a helper to check the in flight readings (speed, alt etc). Next time.

                Once again. Thanks.

                • Hi

                  If the voice plays 20 times, it's because it has received 20 Flight Mode changes from the APM. The prompt "Active" are what's reported by APM.

                  They have a repeat interval that you can adjust:


                  If it repeats 20 times not respecting the interval is because it has changed 20 times, and that's what the Flight Controller is saying.

                  If you hear "guided mode" that's because you haven't changed the script and the voice files for plane aren't present.

                  Distance to Home is calculated by the Taranis itself, and has a logic of its own. Distance from first good position to current reported position.

                  Estimated flight times as I say is highly experimental and needs data sent by the APM to present an estimate. Have you configured the battery capacity parameters on your APM?

                  If HDOP flashes it's because it is over 2.

                  If it is varying between 2 different values, remember it's what the Flight Controller is seeing and reporting back, so watch out. If you have a normal GCS the values are exactly the same.

                  The data presented is the same as what is reported on a normal GCS.

                  • I'm unable to test either APM boards or Arduplane, so decided to remove the specific ArduPlane changes made to the script. Sorry. You can still use the Teensy code to have the standard telemetry values on the Taranis.

                  • I have checked this out again with Mission Planner and my OSD both running. I advise the following.

                    Neither MP or OSD report 20 or so FM changes coming from the APM while it initialises. Perhaps both have been set up to ignore it. Alternatively the FM being reported may be invalid, hence gets ignored. The fact that Guided Mode  is the highest value in your table may be significant. I had changed the script and added the voice files.

                    As soon as distance to home is available (after GPS lock presumably) the OSD reports it as a reasonable figure - <20m and reducing as the GPS acquires more sats. Taranis continues to report it as a much higher figure until telemetry is reset. On my last test at one point the OSD said 9m, Taranis 1366m.

                    I have configured the battery capacity. And I have altered it, but there is no change to the flashing est flight time. All other battery parameters seem to be reported consistently with MP and OSD.

                    The true HDOP is not over 2. Both MP and OSD report it at much  <2 with no variation. The number of sats is consistent. Taranis HDOP flashes and alternates between the correct value and a high value (8.x) more than once per second. I have tried 2 different GPS units with the same result. Once again it seems that MP and OSD (and incidentally DroidPlanner and DroidPlanner2) must have been setup to ignore the spurious data.

                    I have only tested this with one of my APMs. When I get a moment I will set up one of my Pixhawks to use it and see if I get different results.

        • Hi

          The script does not respond to ArduPlane only Arducopter.

          To make it work with Arduplane there are quite a few changes that would need to be done.

          The flight Modes table for ArduPlane would be quite different (taken from Parameters.pde):










          10:Invalid Mode,




          14:Invalid Mode,

          15:Invalid Mode,


          So that would require changes to other parts of the script, like in Flight Tables section the FlightMode{} matrix

          Also the voice files would be different.

          Also I would have to revisit the sketches on the Teensy to check if any adjustments are needed there.

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