• Can I please ask you guys a question?

    I am using x8r, teensy3.1, APM2.6, NEO-6M GPS, and power module.

    I was getting a Vcc error, below minium 4.6v - it was ranging from 4.7v to 4.4v

    So I bought a new Power Module, the new one gives me atm and I've only done limited testing so far, between 4.7v and 4.6v.

    To me this still seems on the low side... but I am a beginner so I don't know what to expect.

    Can anyone advise what a good power reading should be?

    sry I know this is off topic, but I have asked elsewhere without response.

  • For those of you who use my fork of this project, there is a new release:

    This release includes updated versions of my lua-scripts.

    ApmTelem is needed for all my other scripts to work. 

    ApmSounds is used to play a sound each time the current flight mode is changed. It will also play a sound (currently only for some) of the status messages reported by the flight controller.

    ApmStatus includes two custom telemetry screens. These can be used independent of each other (as long as ApmTelem.lua is installed as a mixer script). The first one display information of your vehicles status: Volts, Amps, Currents, Gps status, Current consumption, Current flighmode, Active status etc. The second one shows a log of the status messages received from your vehicle.

    You don't need to use my lua-scripts in order to use the code on Teensy, they are just included as a bonus. But if you want to write your own lua-scipts, feel free to use the api in ApmTelem to save memory and code in your project. I'm working on simplifying this api, so excepct some changes soon. Upgrading your code after this changes will be a minimal task though.

    Contribute to chsw/MavLink_FrSkySPort development by creating an account on GitHub.
    • I changed from 1.3 to this yesterday. Some things I noticed:

      1. It is not enough to comment this line to disable FLVSS:

      #define SENSOR_ID_FLVSS 0xA1 // 1

      The Cell and Cells values are still displayed from teensy and in my opinnion that should not be. Should show 0 for both. I needed to uncomment a lot more to get the FLVSS part out from teensy.

      2. Removing the GPS resulted in the LUA logs page beeing flooded with pre-arm check failed bad compass health messages.

      Otherwise nice work!

      • 1:

        This is by design actually.

        The code is designed to emulate different frsky sensors. If you disable FLVSS, its stops reporting voltage as FLVSS. It still emulates a FAS-sensor though, so the voltage you see is from voltage/current sensor. 

        The source for the voltage is adjusted on the telemetry-setup screen on your Taranis. I would suspect yours is setup as FAS? If you set it to Cells, it will use your FLVSS sensor instead (and if you don't have any, it should show 0).

        2. These messages is reported by your autopilot. You shouldn't even be able to arm with those messages? There should be some parameters in ardupilot to disable gps/compass, and that might remove these messages. It is also possible to disable them in ApmTelem.lua if you need.

    • Hi Christian. One quick question. Are you working on the software for the Teensy or it can be used in the Atmel boards too?

      Sorry if this is a stupid question but this post has become quite confusing with many developers working for different boards.

      Thank you!

      • As far as I know, it can't run on a Atmel-board without some modifications. Since I don't have a working atmel-board, I haven't tested to see what needs to be changed though.

  • Picture of the plan

    I'm planning on adding the telemetry radio and Teensy 3.1. My current setup has MinimOSD-Extra and FLVSS and they are working perfectly. Do any of you see a problem with this plan (see picture)?

    For example:

    1. Some parameters of the APM Telmetry output were changed according to the MiniOSD-extra instructions... would that cause problems with the two other devices?

    2. APM would be powering the X8R, FVVSS, GPS/compass, Teensy and Telemetry radio. Will it cope?

    PS. I removed everyhing related to FLVSS in the Teensy 1.4 source code since I have it for real

    • To answer myself: works perfectly.

      Triple telemetry:

      Rough wiring

      Photo of Quad

      Commented out FLVSS related code from Teensy (v 1.4 code)

  • There are two versions of pro mini. The original 168 and later 328.

    I tried to upload to pro mini 168 without success, the arduino environment reports  MavLink_FrSkySPort:145: error: 'Serial1' was not declared in this scope

    Translation works eith arduino mega, leonardo and sparkfun pro micro. But not with the included pro mini 168 or 328.

    What's wrong? The software serial should work on both versions as I know.

    Any help woulg greatly appreciated, how to make it work on pro micro.

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