• I am also now reading this entire thread and see that this is an ongoing thing and it's great people are working on this!!! Thanks!

      • Hey Paul thanks for the detailed reply I REALLY appreciate it! Now if I only had time to play around with it!! But that explains a lot thanks!

  • I am having a problem with my lua script trying to figure it out. Is this correct [ see pic ] should I have what looks like two of the same Lua script in the Taranis scripts folder? 3702106634?profile=original

    • Richard, I'm guessing you're using a Mac? Those ._ files are created by the mac - a tad anoying I know, as I have the same. If you have Windows available, then you can delete all these ._ files (including the other annoying folders the mac creates on the SD card like Trashes etc). To see the files in windows though you need to change the view options so it shows system/hidden files (In Win 8 it comes under 'View', 'Options', 'Change Folder and search Options', then click the 'View' tab, and enable 'show hidden files, folders and drives', plus uncheck 'Hide Protected Operating System files'. You should then see all the Mac litter on your SD card! if you traverse through all the folders, any you looked at in Finder on the mac will contain these files, so you can delete them all.

      • I think I accidentally copied it there twice was the issue but I could be wrong. Thanks

  • @Clooney:

    Thank you for looking at the GPS fix problem!

    In mavlink.ino, line 290 should be changed too.

  • you may find this Resistors network divider calculations useful .


  • Thank you all for the great work here!

    I'm using a modified version of Clooneys implementation and now it runs very smooth.

    But before I had to fight with a little bug:

    The Teensy sends GPS Data only if the APM signals a 3D fix to avoid the use of bad coordinates.

    The newer APM Firmware (I'm using the latest AC 3.3 Beta) expands the GPS Status to 4=DGPS, 5= RTK.

    All discussed implementations here include at least 2 conditional  statements in their Arduino sketches for

    GPS Status testing:


    So, if you're using a modern GPS chip and get a DGPS fix, ap_fixtype will become 4 and the GPS data on your Taranis freezes...

    The solution is simple, please change all occurences of "if(ap_fixtype==3)" to "if(ap_fixtype>=3)" and your Taranis

    will be happy.

  • How can I make the proper modifications on the Lua and teensy code and companion telemetry for a 5s battery? Thankyou

    I'm using the last version on 2.1
  • Clooney, I love that you guys have got together to take this project onward - its well deserving of further development IMHO as it has always been a favourite of mine for Pix->Taranis telemetry. I would be lost without the original Wolke code. I haven't yet ventured to running the new code with 3.3 and OpenTx 2.1, but will be doing as soon as i get some time. Some observations and questions I have which have never been answered prior to this collaboration which I'd be grateful if you could:

    1. As I run 2 packs in parallel, my mAh readings can easily be over 10000 on the Taranis - that puts the mAh reading on the telemetry screen into 5 digits, which overwrites the 'mAh' symbol and makes that entire line unreadable as the mAh value flows into the Wh value. As I'm not interested in Wh would it be possible to add a feature where we could choose to turn off the Wh setting, by setting the BatCap Wh value to zero in the offsets screen? The idea being to have that line just for mAh - right aligned if BatCap Wh set this way?

    2. As I run 2 packs, I have 2 FLVSS sensors. The script didn't work too well in the past with 2 sensors, but I believe that 2.1 introduced a fix to allow multiple sensors of the same type to be used (I have one set to ID 2 and the other set to ID 8). Would your LUA screen work with 2 FLVSS sensors used this way? And if so would I need to tweak the telem setup on the Taranis for this to work?

    Love the LED control feature also - I think Pixhawk has been missing this feature so really glad you included it. Its another one for me to look into when I have more time. Thanks again guys, Paul A

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