• Do I've to cut this rly ???


    • If you look on this thread there was a discussion about this.

      It's not required. You only have to cut it if you want to have the USB and power connected at the same time, which is only useful to debug code running.

  • 3701857488?profile=originalIs this the right wiring ?

    Cuz the teensy is only slowly blinking.

    I also connected the GND to Pix.

    • @MBR

      /OT you used a pic from - do you have the code for his led-drivers?

      • No, I don't use this LED's.

        I think he forgot the link ... just ask him:

  • hi,

    a big thx to rolf and luis for your great work.

    a week ago i get my new taranis and an tennsy3.1. after testing a little bit the new radio and after learning opentx and lua i get my teensy working together with an apm2.6.

    ther was a big smile in my face after powering the system and see all my important telemetry data nicely arranged  on my taranis lcd:)).

    additional i add lipo cell voltage monitoring for my 6s lipo. i use the teensy A0-A5 pinns connected via an resistor voltage divider network. this works great and is more accurate than reported voltage from apm.

    this will display cells 1-6 in first telemetry screen and the lowest cell voltage in main telemetry screen.

    code and resistor network values can found here:

    the repository is forked from luis

    thx luis.




    This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort where we work together on this. Please d…
    • Thanks, but most of the hard work is from Christian :)

      I left that blank space for something that would be useful in the future :) and it really seems it is worth :)

      edit: A picture of how you managed to add the resistors would be helpful :)

      Now I have to remove the protection from my Teensy to add some more cables :) LoL, and I'll have to redo the flight time estimates since we have reliable cell tension :)

      edit: edit: copied from above to be in context:)

    • @luis

      here an picture with the resistor network. all resistor values are found in E24 series.




      • hi! I would like to implement this on a Teensy 2.0 board. Is this possible?

      • Hi

        I was looking at the INO code, and since I haven't built the resistors matrix I have a question. On the current code you define both the single cell process and the number of cells. Wouldn't it be possible for the code to check if A0 to A5 or A7 have a cell connected (I suppose the A lines would be 0 if nothing connected) and then switch to the single cell process and automatically determine the number of cells ?? And if nothing connected on A0 revert to the old "guess" method ?

        This would make the whole process more transparent. If a balance plug is connected to the Teensy you get accurate results per cell, if not you get estimate results per cell.

        just my 2c :)



        // configure number of cells
        #define CELLCOUNT 6
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