• LoL Peter

            At two decades "below" you, my soldering eyes already need "enhancement" assistance of a powerful lens :)

            • It's sorta' like Zen archery - you just free up your "mind" and then you can almost do it blindfolded!

      • Perhaps in the future with the new telemetry system that is planned for OpenTX 2.1 that might be possible.

        Although I'm installing MinimOSD on my Hexa (and banging my head on the wall with it) most of the time I fly without FPV. Although I also have telemetry on my phone via either Bluetooth or via the 3DR radio I opted to pursue this project. 

        There are also efforts on the ArduPilot side to have native telemetry reporting to FrSky, but the data is even more limited to what we currently have. Also there have been discussions on replacing the MinimOSD with a better solution. Currently I have both telemetry ports occupied with 4 devices (3DR Radio+MinimOSD and 3DR Bluetooth+Teensy) and they all live together well.

        The biggest challenge so far has been the small amount of data available on the FrSky telemetry that really constrains what we can do.

        Oh, and I won't even mention the limited resources we have for running scripts on the radio......I have hit several of them several times :), and not only me, ask Wolke and Christian :) :)

        • Yes, I'll keep my eye out for developments - considering all the amazing stuff that has appeared in the past 2-3 years there's no telling what we can expect next!

  • Hi all folks.

    First of all, thank you very much for your wonderful job. It's amazing, but i need your help.

    I've bought the Teensy board 3.1, uploaded the last sketch from Luis on it, copied all the files to the root directory of Taranis's SDcard and almost all work well; there are only two problem: First, i can't display the roll correctly. A3 and A4 are always 180. 

    I've connected the Teensy and the xR to the Pixhawk on telemetry Port 1, without the 3dr Radio.

    I've tried with different firmware on Taranis and on the Pixhawk, but the problem persist.

    Second, i can't read the Mode from the Pixhawk; when i switch from Stabilize to any other mode the radio talk and say , for example, "Loiter Mode Activated" but on telemetry screen i see always the blinking "stabilize". If i arm the copter i see fixed "stabilize", but always this mode. Not others. And after 5 second i hear "Flight Mode mismatch". Anybody can help me ?


    Fron Italy, i hope you can understand my poor english

    • Hi

      When you have the Teensy connected to the PixHawk on port1, do you use both wires TX and RX. If used by itself you should have both connected.

      Which versions of the firmware on the Taranis? you MUST have 2.0.13 or greater.

      Which version on the PixHawk ? Arducopter 3.1.5 and 3.2 were tested and work.

      The flight modes announcements have 2 steps. First when you use the switch to change the Flight Mode it says XXXXX Activated, and when the PixHawk reports the Flight Mode back it says the engaged Flight Mode on the PixHawk. If the modes are different then it says Mismatch.

      There is no way to retrieve the flight modes that the PixHawk has defined so it's a manual job that one must edit on the first lines of the script:

      --User configurable

      Switches ={}
      for i=1, 6 do
      Switches[i] = {}

      --These must be changed to correspond to what is defined as Flight Modes 1 to 6 on the PixHawk.

      -- I didn't find a way to retrieve these automatically from the FC

      Switches[1].FlightNumber=1 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L1 is 1 =Stabilize

      Switches[2].FlightNumber=3 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L2 is 3 =Altitude Hold
      Switches[3].FlightNumber=6 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L3 is 6 =Loiter
      Switches[4].FlightNumber=1 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L4 is 1 =Stabilize
      Switches[5].FlightNumber=17 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L5 is 17 =Position Hold
      Switches[6].FlightNumber=12 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L6 is 12 =Drift



      • Thank you Louis. Taranis has firmware 2.0.13, the Pixhawk has Arducopter 3.2. 

        Both Tx and RX connected. I've tried Teensy alone on Telemtery 1 or 2 and togheter with 3DR Radio but doean't work. Work the voltage, the current, the arming, the height but not the roll and modes....

        I've defined the mode on the script and the announcement about mode selected is correct, but not the actual mode on the Pixhawk, The telemetry scrren always diplasy Stabilize, bliking if not armed and still if armed. But always Stabilize, also when in the Mission Planner i see Alt Hold or other.....

        Thank you for your effort and support.


        • I have another Teensy around and will program it with the same imo as the one I have on my Hexa to see if anything weird happens. At the moment I'm fighting with a damn chinese knockoff of the MinimOSD.

          Can you reflash the Teensy ?

          • Yes. I've reflashed many times but i will try again.

            Thank you


            • On the standard Taranis telemetry screens please check the Fuel value, because the Flight Mode number is encapsulated on that value.

              Also check if the other values are being reported correctly. The script just uses these values and present them in a different way.

              Cell ( Voltage of Cell=Cells/(Number of cells). [V])
              Cells ( Voltage from LiPo [V] )
              A2 ( HDOP value * 25 - 8 bit resolution)
              A3 ( Roll angle from -Pi to +Pi radians, converted to a value between 0 and 1024)
              A4 ( Pitch angle from -Pi/2 to +Pi/2 radians, converted to a value between 0 and 1024)
              Alt ( Altitude from baro. [m] )
              GAlt ( Altitude from GPS [m])
              HDG ( Compass heading [deg]) v
              Rpm ( Throttle when ARMED [%] *100 + % battery remaining as reported by Mavlink)
              VSpd ( Vertical speed [m/s] )
              Speed ( Ground speed from GPS, [km/h] )
              T1 ( GPS status = ap_sat_visible*10) + ap_fixtype )
              T2 ( Armed Status and Mavlink Messages :- 16 bit value: bit 1: armed - bit 2-5: severity +1 (0 means no message - bit 6-15: number representing a specific text)
              Vfas ( same as Cells )
              Longitud ( Longitud )
              Latitud ( Latitud )

              Fuel ( Current Flight Mode reported by Mavlink )

              AccX ( X Axis average vibration m/s?)
              AccY ( Y Axis average vibration m/s?)
              AccZ ( Z Axis average vibration m/s?)


              ALso see if the script changed the A values


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