• Hi Walke, thanks for  reply.
        I use APM 2.6 with 3.1 firmware, OpenTX 2.0.17
        I have custom made AV sensor and have correct reading for Volts and mAh (consumed mAh was checked with my charger - only 70mAh difference with Taranis script). Have error reading only for Wh

        O-Sets for mAh and Wh is 0%
        BatCap set 148Wh

        I started with your original script, but will re-upload it again to Taranis and check this evening one's more time.

        Regards, Kirill

  • If it may be useful to anybody - I have finally opened up and looked inside of the script and altered alarm condition to be triggered by a communicated voltage reading.

    first variable - minVolt - set it to whatever your failsafe voltage should be and taranis wills scream when you'll reach it.

    This way you can accommodate for a voltage drop under load that is different for different models depending upon your factual current draw.


  • Does someone has the Mavlink-FrSky on the new V2.1 running?

    I guess the LUA and the Teensy script has to be updated?

  • Hi Guys! I am making a crosspost to gather as much information as possible. I do not have a teensy yet but according to the APM Copter wiki it is not necessary anymore if I´m using a Pixhawk and Copter 3.3 RC8. I would only need the FrSky FUL1 and a diode.
    I was wondering if this is true and if I can use lua scripts found on the web in that case.
    Thanks a lot

    • permission to post from the mods/admin: 

      here's the link for the rs232+diode telemetry adapter. I uploaded some pics on that page. 

      Support for native FrSky telemetry

      They have plans on integrating scripts for the native telemetry adapter to function like a teensy. But that would be limited to pixhawk only. APMs will use Teensy board instead :)

    • Yes it is working, I had that even on 3.3rc7. I was able to sell some prototypes of the telemetry adapter. Apparently, it seems to be incompatible with existing lua scripts. The implementation of the protocol is very basic, and not comprehensive like the teensy's telemetry. I still prefer the teensy over the native frsky telemetry :)
  • Hi there,

     we tried out the MavLink_FrSkySPort_1.3. It is working, great -  but with some issues:

    1. After each power on of the Taranis x9D Plus, an error message occures that all the telemetry lines are full. They are allways full because the most of the data is double. Why?

    2. "Dist" is not transmitted. Why?

    Maybe somebody can help to solve that. Thanks in advance.


    • I assume you're trying to use firmware 2.1.x on your Taranis.  If so, you need new firmware in your Teensy which supports it properly.

      Look here:

      More info is also available here:

      Contribute to bsongis/MavLink_FrSkySPort development by creating an account on GitHub.
      • Hi Scott,

        thank you, worked. But I still get no "Dist". The A2 (HDOP) is showing from +0.5 to +0.6 more HDOP than the Pixhawk telemetry. I am using a FrSky Taranis x9D Plus with OpenTX 2.1 and Teensy 3.1.  Maybe this combination is not often in usage so far ... .


  • hi! i am trying to do the resistor network mod to have a more accurate cell reading. I already made the circuit,and measured the divider value already using the serial monitor. 

    do i need to uncomment these lines?

    // configure number maximum connected analog inputs(cells) if you build an six cell network then MAXCELLS is 6
    #define MAXCELLS 4 //set to 4s

    also, since I am using a teensy 2.0 which is has 10 bit ADC, do i need to change this?

    //cell voltage divider. this is dependent from your resitor voltage divider network
    double LIPOCELL_1TO8[13] =

    If i am correct with my assumption, that 13 is the resolution? 

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