• My fault was, that I didn't connect the ground of the lipo. In operation, the Teensy gets lipo ground from receiver.

      I wanted to setup the Teensy without connecting everything. If you want to do this, you need to add ground from the lipo to the Teensy. Otherwise just setup while everything is connected to the copter.

  • Hello, please anyone have .hex file for teensy 3.1 without current and voltage readings for opentx 2.1?  I use Frsky FLVSS and FCS-150A.

  • Teensy on the Ground Side.

    Has anyone ever tried doing Mavlink to S Port conversion on the ground side with a Teensy. I ask as I want to use Flip Flaps  ULRS that has a Long Range 433 RC link and a Mavlink serial connection on the ground side. It should be possible to convert it to S Port on the ground without any issues using a Teensy but where would I feed this into the Taranis? Or could I just use this and forget the Taranis Telemetry screen?

    • @ Marc

      Yes, I do a ground side with a Teensy 3.1, I use OrangeRx TX and BT module inside it.


      • Soy not to use The 3dr telémetry radios directly..¿
      • Stupid question. I understand how you connect the serial (tx/rx) to the Teensy from the OrangeRx on the ground side, but where does the S Port output of the Teensy connect to in the Taranis? Sorry I am not getting that part. On the UAV side it plugs into the S Port. 

        And I presume it can use all the same LUA scripts without modification.

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Dec 3, 2020