• Still not having much luck with this. Seems the only solution is the Teensy 3.1 that I have ordered but not yet received. There is a good thread on it on RCGROUPS but it does involve the Teensy 3.1 also.  Pops up nicely on Google if you search for Teensy 3.1 MACLink to frsky Telemetry.

      The Doc floating about with frsky telemetry using a FUL1 and a SBC Diode board (that does nothing more than link tx to rx via a diode also does not work. The S-Port multiplexes RX & TX on one line. I may try taking Both signals direct from the pixhawk via a diode to the Sport and see if setting the telem2protocol to 3 works but I doubt it. The ONLY successful method posted I have seen is the RCGROUPS thread, he also posts the actual HEX files for DL to the Teensy3.1. And some updated Lua files for the Taranis.

      • This morning, I tried a direct link from the Telemetry port 2 to the S-Port and it was not functional as we expected. I tried all settings in MP from 1 - 5. and No Telemetry. I think the Teensy 3.1 is the only way this will happen.

  • Hi:

    I am a newbie to this I ordered a Teensy 3.1. Is there a link to the Hex file that I can upload to the teesny 3.1 to get the Telemetry working on my PixHawk 3.2.1 installation?

    I want to run it on Telemetry port 2.

    Or do I have to compile it myself? If so how do I do that?



    • I believe the Pixhawk supports Smart Port natively and does not require a converter on Telem 2.



      • Does not work for me I tried it.... did you?

      • It doesn't support natively

        Still requires a level inverter.

        • See here:

          • Thanks Florian G. for the implied sarcasm. I can read and I can Type and I read that.... many times. You do not need to tell me "Google is my Friend" I already know that. If I had found the answer there I would not have posted here. Your post was really not called for.

            • My pleasure - you are welcome. I was just trying to help you - in fact, the web-site linked seems to answer most of the questions except the one "has someone tried this" -but assuming the manual has been written with some testing, i would expect it to work..

              Come on - let's call it a day. I was not trying to offend you, just help..

      • Is there a wiring diagram somewhere?  does it need both TX and RX.  Has anyone tried it?

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