• its 14$ for the script and another 14$ for the cable\adaptor

        what exactly you meant by this picture is it the teensy ?

        • No, it isn't a teensy!

          This cable / adaptor is less worth than 5 bucks.

          It is just what I posted....

          • can you share a link to buy this adapter for 5 bucks

            • I have built an invertor based on the design detailed in a github post here:

              This is what it looks like assembled (not my picture, but the same):


              and it uses simply 2 parts all available from banggood:

              RS232 toi TTL converter:

              Zenner diode:

              You can build 5 of these for about £8. You will of course need to add/solder the cables and connectors.

              This is a close up of the connections:


              The DF13 connector is at the pixhawk end and the servo connector for the X8R sport end. 

              Simply connect and amend the parameter SERIAL2_PROTOCOL = 4 (assuming you are using the Telem 2 port), then discover sensorsa on your taranis and you should get a bunch of sensors presented with usable telemetry. 

              I personally still use the teensy solution on all my copters, as I love the LUA screen that I have, and not spent the time to get it working with the above solution yet.

              • Ok but as i understand in order to work with this script:


                you must use their adaptor even the teency 3.1 won't do the job .

                because their 

                Adapter uses native FrSky protocol coming from the Pixhawk, whereas the Teensy converts Mavlink messages to FrSky protocol. Through the Teensy, you cannot get all the information that transmits to the Taranis using the Pixhawk directly...

                • You should be able to use any converter as described here:


                  I guess it's just a taranis lua script that interprets the frsky telemetry available from the pixhawk/apm firmware.  Very similar to what is offered here, and other similar projects, so nothing you can't get for free.

                  However, these commercial providers design, obtain, solder and package the hardware for you, and code and test the software to match.  For the price you pay, for the end result you get, if you just want a cool solution to go fly with, the price is a pittance and well worth it.

                  • Having been working a custom solution for seversl weeks now, i would agree the cost of prepackaged hardware and software is more than fairly priced.  It has taken me a month just to get the data from my apm to my radio reliably, now i still have get script configured

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