• Probably yes

          Only tested on a blank SDCard.

          we "share" variables :)

      • One question about the 2 Timer in your Script.

        Do the Function "setTimer" overwrite the T1 and T2 Timer on the Taranis ?

        Actually i set the 2 Timer in Companion with TH% and L8. Must i clear this values or on which value i have to set it ?


        • Hi Christian

          Both timers are fully controlled by the script, and throw away what you might have set on the menus.

          Timer 0  is the Started when Arm is active and stopped when disarmed.

          Timer 1 is used by each Flight Mode. So when Armed is Active, and Stabilize is active Timer 1 represents Stabilize Time, if you switch to Alt Hold Timer 1 shows time in Alt Hold. If you revert to Stabilize mode the timer gets back to stabilize mode timer with the previous accumulated value. 

          This is valid for any flight mode, so in practice there are 17 timers which are represented by timer1 :)

          Logically if DISARMED they are stopped but show their previous value.

          settimer = { mode, start, value, countdownBeep, minuteBeep, persistent }

          settimer.mode = 54

          settimer.start = 480

          settimer.value = 0

          settimer.countdownBeep = 2

          settimer.minuteBeep = 1

          settimer.persistent = 0



          The code for the read

          datastring = { mode, start, value, countdownBeep, minuteBeep, persistent }

          datastring = model.getTimer(1)

          lcd.drawText(30, 7, datastring.mode, 0 )

          lcd.drawText(42, 7, datastring.start, 0 )

          lcd.drawText(60, 7, datastring.value, 0 )

          lcd.drawText(85, 7, datastring.countdownBeep, 0 )

          • Thanks for the fast reply.

            I use the Timer 1 exactly with the same function in your script but realized that with a Logical Switch which gets the status from the APM.

            When the Timer are fully conntrolled by the Script i will set both Timer in Companion to "OFF" .

            Thanks a lot


            • There is no need to have the timers at any setting, because the script disregards completely what has been set by the user.

              I could save that state on init, but didn't see the need for that.

          • The settings for the model on the Taranis are very simple:






            • what sw is that? OpenTX Companion?

            • Hello-

              awesome work- THANKS!

              I get the telemetry values sent to my Taranis- but the LUA Skript does not start up.

              I made the settings above /thank you for the screenshots!) but have no clue what the folder structure on the SD card has to be exactly- i.e. where to put the Lua_Telemetry files from your


              for the LUA.... I already read the LUA manuals but still am not sure? Does EVERYTHING in there belong in SCRIPTS/ modelname ?? Or the BMPs in the general BMP likewise sounds...?

              Please help, because this is the last step for "complete awesomeness" ;-)

              Perhaps a screenshot of your Taranis SD cards SCRIPTS folder structure??


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