• simple edit telem1.lua and remove not wanted items.

          for example in line 542





          will remove the Wh Gauge. or comment other not needed power infos in " local function powerpanel()"

          for example changing




          -- lcd.drawNumber(67,9,getValue(217)*10,MIDSIZE+PREC1)

          -- lcd.drawText(lcd.getLastPos(),10,"A",0

          remove the "A" item from display.

          • Tried all and finally did the powerpanel changing just Before you wrote and voilá!

            A final Q if you can answer, is it possible to call "cells" and put in the powerpanel?

            The one showing every single cell, its available if you go through pages in telemetry, but cant see how to call it in your nice script =/ 

            IF you want to explain and have the time :)  Will probabably figure it out otherwise in a year or two when I finish Reading greek... LUA :P

  • I have this installed on a pro mini. had to change serial1 to serial.

    has anybody got the GPS to work on the pro mini? I see lots have had this problem, but no solution.

    Would I be better off ordering the teeny?

    would like to know asap, as \im about to order one.



    • GPS doesn't work for me on my Pro Mini. Been pushing myself to get it working so I can learn something deeper about embedded development.

      I had to comment out parseStatusText to get it to run without crashing, I think I have a solution for that problem now. Once I have that confirmed, I'll have a poke at the GPS.

      Don't hold your breath though, this is just a hobby! If you're in a rush, get the teeny.

    • Which version you've running on the pro mini ?

      I tried them all (Wolke's, Luis Vale Gonçalves... etc) and if i dont comment this part :

      ap_status_severity = statustext.severity;
      ap_status_send_count = 5;
      // parseStatusText(statustext.severity, statustext.text);

      the whole thing doesnt work.. i mean, even the led doesnt blink, no mavlink receiving anything... however if i comment that line, it works and i receive data. Weird, no ?

      Also, does it take a while for your radio to begin receiving this telemetry ? I notice mine takes like a minute or so to show data after connecting the battery to the quad...

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  • @ Luis Vale Gonçalves , what's the obvious difference between your code and the one by hector hind ( on the mavlink part ?

    i'm trying to port yours to arduino pro mini, but it fails right on the mavlink part...  i get no slow blink/no blink whatsoever 

    i just changed on MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino :

    //#define debugSerial Serial
    #define _MavLinkSerial Serial

    if i upload his version i get slow blink when i dont have mavlink data incomming, and fast blink when received mavlink data.


    Converts Mavlink packets to Frsky S.Port Useing Software serial - rotcehdnih/Mavlink2Frsky
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