• Now it´s compiling! Thank you very much! I still have to try it but at least I have load it into the board. I still  think that all developers should start joining and organize the code so that it is easier to upload it to any board (teensy, arduinos, etc)

              In the meantime the rest of the users will be testing everything in the boards that we have.

              • Hello,

                Have you succeeded to link pixhawk telemetry with X8R receiver by using an arduino nano ?

                If you did it, I will be very interested on it.


                • One more uC (FTDI) and I'll baptize that whole thing to

                  uC quad bomber




                  3DR Radio Telemetry


                  Buck Converter


                • Hi Ed. I still don´t have a pixhawk. Although the mavlink protocol is the same so it should work fine. The telemetry modules are the same too! If you test it please let me know.

                  • Ok, I think I will be ready to test by the end of the year (long delay with aliexpress providers).

                    But wich sketch should I compile for the nano ?


            • Hey MBR, I'm the maker of the MAVBoard, the mavlink hub/telemetry converter based on an arduino chip. If you are interested in getting that code working for it, I can send you some free samples!

              It currently uses a modified version of the JD-ioBoard firmware for the old style FrSky telemetry, but I would really like to get the S.Port telemetry working but haven't been able to put the time into it. The research and work you are doing above seems like it could easily apply to the mavboard pro!

              Let me know. :)





              MAVBoard Pro by machadolab on Tindie
              MAVLink telemetry converter
    • Ok, itz not the code...

      3702520528?profile=original...this works!

      • What does this mean?

        3702667824?profile=originalWhere is the "Custom Scripts" page?

        • It means exactly what it says. Make sure the firmware you are using has the LUA option selected. It will add one more screen on the TX called CUSTOM SCRIPTS.

          3702767324?profile=originalThis is where you need to add the ApmTelem script to your model.

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