• cool

            so i test with 3.2.1 and wait ...


            • Also 2.1 on OpenTX broke the telemetry, because a new system has been implemented.....

              • so that means a lot of work for you i guess ?

      • ok and what if i changed the parameters on those A1 & A2 

        how do i go back to default setting ?

        and for the esc's as i understand you suggest to cut all the red wires coming out from esc's and live only white and black wright ? 

        • It's easy. The script ignores what was set on A1 and A2 and configures them to what it requires. Last time I've seen there is no "default" value to these.

          Regarding the wires, you can simply remove the pin on the red wire from the JST plug and use some tape to isolate it. No cutting/harm done to the wiring and completely reversible :)

  • Hi, awesome code, i think im using Wolkes version

    What i really want is the taranis to make a noise, or indicate when fail safe RTL has happened. I see it on the screen, but want an audioable indication. Is this possible? Also fo make an alarm when battery is low... im using pixhawk, with power module. Udeally woukd be good to audio of the revertive flught modes. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi  luis

    i am using your code and try to understand what is configured on ch6 ch7 and ch8

    it states Adjust on ch6   opsion1-ch7  opsion2-ch8

    what i plan to do until AC 3.3 will be released is to use those channels 6-8 for 

    1 rtl

    2 activate a buzzer

    3 auto tune

    is it possible because i get flight mismatch   ?

    and last one do you plan to work on the 3.3 soon ?

    thanks for your help

    • Hi

      CH6- Adjust the Flight Modes



      you can't change CH6 for anything else (Ardupilot fixed channel), and my code has no influence on what is chosen on 7 and 8.

      If you get Flight Mismatch is because you haven't set the flight modes accordingly on Mission Planner and on the script.

      I already have some versions that work with 3.3RC7 but I won't be releasing it until OpenTX releases 2.1.


      • Ok so i can choose what i like for 7-8 to trigger on mission planer

        but didn't understand what is the use of ch6 - Adjust the Flight Modes ?

        i see that all the flight modes work throw ch -5 .

        about 3.3 good to know you already work on that 

        we are all waiting  :)

        • You are correct, sorry.

          CH6 is used to Adjust parameters.

          On 3.3 you'll get not only CH7 and CH8 but up to CH12 to Options.

          There's a recent development on the ArduPilot project, that might render the Teensy option replaceable with some coding :) 

          I urge people to look at

          Just imagine OSD and FrSky telemetry on one unit :)

This reply was deleted.


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