• народ, это уже устарело, Pixhawk  могет  сам посебе s.port, просто добавь воды, пардон инвертор. 

                  • Thanks to community for this project :)
                    Very useful and easy to do.

                  • Thank you Kirill for the translation. 

      • It took me 6 months to figure that out!!! I was having all kinds of problems then I thought hey I wonder what would happen if I cut this wire... snip... fixed! :] 

  • Hi Rolf.

    Can the Teensy LC from Sparkfun be used instead of the Teensy 3.2?

    • Sure it can, but remember the lc board runs on 3.3v, so you will need a voltage regulator capable of supplying that...which us why I chose the 3.2 board on 3 of my models
      • IO is only 3.3v tolerant but Vin is up to 5.5v.  Our 'standard' wiring for this application powers the teensy from the receiver so LC should be fine without any modifications or extra regulators.

        LC is a good choice as it's half the price :)

        • The LC also has a Vin level logic booster on pin 17 so you can control LEDs like the neopixels, pretty cool :)

        • So should it work with the io from pixhawk without issue?
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