Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Thanks. I have a Teensy on order. I'm in the UK so ordering from adafruit or anywhere from the US the shipping is far too expensive. I ordered from eBay UK in the end.

Also tonight i have tried the arduino pro mini branch, but im unable to get it to compile regardless of what arduino IDE i use :(

this will be possible, but not with this implementation.

auto detection of cells is possible. but only if an resistor network is connected to analoginputs. else you get not zero if you read an analog input because the high input independence of all controller inputs. this mean you can not surly detect if users use the single cell monitor or not. if nothing is connected to these pins you will get positive values. and if the network is connected with a lipo behind you also get positive values. sure is only if the network is connected without lipo. than all inputs are zero because the resistors in series to GND.

 this make auto detection between cell-monitoring or estimate results per cell a little bit complicated.

for all users with connected r-network there is no problem to auto decide this. without balancer plugs connected, teensy use estimate results per cell because mavlink report voltage. and if the balancer plug is connected, A0 is not zero.




I set up a teensy to run 1.3 a long while ago. I now wish to try the version with .lua that is described here


Can someone please confirm that the wiring diagram as outlined on page 3 of this thread is still the one to use (I'm not looking for cell connections). Thanks.

Yes. Same connections.

The single cell version is quite new thanks to Wolke, and requires some extra resistors as described in his post.

Thanks. Just a further clarification please.

I already have my Taranis SD card set up with scripts and sounds that are used by existing models. The repository suggests that the data for inserting on the SD card does not replace what is there, but is for adding to it. There are sounds (eg under "system" and other files with the same name as files that are already on my SD card, suggesting that the files from the repository are intended to overwrite them. I don't necessarily want to do that as it may disturb existing setups. Are these files with the same name different to the standard Taranis files or are they the same files just included to make the setup process easier?

As well I am using the Amber sound pack and would prefer not to overwrite those files with the standard Taranis version.

I guess what I think I want is a way to populate my SD card with just the additional files used by this application without changing any that are already there. Is this possible please?


When copying the files don't overwrite the files already present on the card. Any Operating system asks before overwriting.

The system voice files are there just for a uniform voice to be heard. All voices were generated on a Mac with a HighFidelity TTS Voice. If you don't want them just keep using what you have.

Think of it as a convenience. You might call it a new Sound Pack for the Taranis.

On the Mac OS X is very easy to generate voice files for the Taranis.

edit: The Voice Name is Ava :) - American English Voice

There are 3 sketches in the archive linked to in the GitHub link above. FrSkySPort, Average and MavLink_FrSkySPort.

Which of these do I compile and download to my Teensy please?

When you open Mavlink_FRSkySport.ino it will automatically open the other required files

Please read the beginning of this thread for information on compiling the project.

I followed the instructions linked to by Rolf in his post 24/1/14 on page 1. After that link the post says "Just follow the installation steps and then compile the code found in the .zip file and download it to the Teensy". It was the "compiling the code in the .zip file" step I was asking about. 

Clear now, thanks.

I see in the Telem1 .lua script there is mention of the user having to change the flight modes to match those of the FC in use. I think I have added the ones I want, not the sounds though, but I understand that I have to have the means, then, to compile the script before it can be used. Is this correct (I've not used .lua before)?

Hi Mike,
Simply change the code with a text editor and upload the file to your radio. There is no need to compile.

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