Antenna Replacement 915 MHz to 433 MHz

Hi guys, 

I bought my IRIS quadcopter and I realized that I have bought it with 915 MHz radio modules:


I work in France and I need the 433 MHz modules.

Now I would like to know if is it possible just to buy the antennas of the 433 MHz modules , these:

And just replace them. Or I should buy the all 915 MHz Module.

thanks for your help.

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  • Thanks to both for the exhaustive replies. 


  • No it will not work. You module would still be outputting 915 MHz into a mismatched 433 antenna. The antenna length is tuned to the frequency of the radio. The radio is generating the frequency.

  • Hi Fabrizio, unfortunately you need to replace the complete radio module not just the antenna. 3DR  sell 433mHz versions but use the internet for some more cost effective version from the far east and save some import duty.

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Aug 25