I was wondering if there was a simple built in way of streaming the GPS data of the plane out of Mission Planner into Plugin software to drive a RS-232 Antenna Tracker system? 

The info that is needed is Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude. I have a friend that is willing to write a basic Plugin to communicate the info to the serial-Servo driver. 

If this info streamable from Mission Planner that would make it easier.

Any insight into this would be helpful...

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Hi Joseph

From Ardupilot Mega Wiki :  "You can send NMEA (GPS) output to the serial port. Press control-g and you will get a box asking for a comport and baud rate to output standard nmea data at 2 hz, to any serial port. One application would be to use com2com to emulate a serial port to use with third party applications. "


Why would the serial port box be empty and the drop down box also empty. Is this just due to nothing being plugged in?

What format is the NMEA data outputted? 

My friend will need this info to write the plugin.


I imagine that it is blank because there isn't an available com port. Look in device manager...Is there a com port listed? If you plug in something into the serial port or a usb dongle that has a virtual com port it will probably show up.

In any case, keep us posted. I am very interested in this project.

the planner supports antenna tracking

control-F then antenna tracking.

WOW.... .Thanks for that... I just ordered the maestro servo controller for my new tracker that I am going to hook up... I did not know about all these hidden menus and features. Thanks again...

Hi Michael,

What was the first version of APM Planner to have the antenna tracker feature?  I seem to only be able to get v1.1.18 (which doesn't have it) to run on my 2GHz/3GB RAM, HP Pavilion laptop - the other versions crash or run extremely slowly.



try installing dot net 3.5. not 4.0, 3.5 and that will probly fix most of your problems


I wanted to let you know that the layout and functionality of you GCS is better then most of the professional GCS software that I have had experience with. I like the ability to prefetch maps for flying in remote locations with no internet. This is one feature that HK GCS needs to add. 

By the way I have been trying to figure something out with you GCS.

I have installed a turret gimbal on the underbelly of my plane and I would like to control it via the APM only and not have control of it with the R/C controller. I want to use a usb joystick to move in pan and tilt. I am planing to utilize servo output on the APM 5-6. I am using continuous rotation servos to maximize range of the servos, however I need to set limits of rotation. so what I am asking you is: 

Can I set servo limits in the APM to stop the servos from trying to go all the way around? and How? 

Can I map the USB Joystick to move the servos with out a RC input to them thru the APM? If so then how?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 



for the limits, that should just be a param setting in the planner for those channels. RC5_MAX etc.


for the usb joystick, this i posible to, just use the joystick interface, and leave everything but 5 and 6 to none. i fixed an issue in the planner 1.1.55 that would have prevented this, but it should be fine now. so you can havbe the joystick fully control channel 5 and 6.



Roger that. I will test it as soon as get my parts from Udrones.com. I ordered a week ago and they are not showing shipped yet. I have another setup but it does not have a camera mounted on it. 

Again thanks for all your help... 

I really like you GCS software. It works great.


Michael, thank you.  I'll try that.

BTW, I'm sending you a question about an APM Planner / X-Bee problem in the thread: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/joystick-is-working-but-disables-....

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