Antenna Tracking with Mission Planner

I was wondering if there was a simple built in way of streaming the GPS data of the plane out of Mission Planner into Plugin software to drive a RS-232 Antenna Tracker system? 

The info that is needed is Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude. I have a friend that is willing to write a basic Plugin to communicate the info to the serial-Servo driver. 

If this info streamable from Mission Planner that would make it easier.

Any insight into this would be helpful...

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  • Hola Ricardo.

    no se si estas usando pololu maestro para controlar tracker, pero estoy interesado si es asi en conocer los valores puestos en mission planner para control de tracker por que mi servo 360º de pan no para de dar vueltas.      saludos

    Ricardo Affonso said:

    Michael, ¿qué pasa con los medidores analógicos? ¿Es posible tenerlos funcionando al mismo tiempo que el seguimiento de la antena?

    ¡Mi rastreador ya está trabajando en el planificador de la misión, es realmente genial y fácil de usar para que funcione correctamente!

    Antenna Tracking with Mission Planner
    I was wondering if there was a simple built in way of streaming the GPS data of the plane out of Mission Planner into Plugin software to drive a RS-2…
  • Hello Colin,

    I am looking to use my APM 2.5 which i dont fly with anymore to build a tracker for my RFD900 Long range Modem.

    The Wiki page has given more questions in my head than actually were...Would seek ur kind advice..

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Ricardo: would you like to share  your antenna tracker setup like mechanical and software setup also? Because mine was not work properly yet.


  • Developer

    press control-G for nmea output.

    the planner does support antenna tracking as well.

  • Michael, i've just received my Micro Maestro 6-channel servo controller, just got it on polulu tester for the 2-axis antena tracker, i haven't even connected it on mission planner. But i just got an idea, that might be very easy to put in practice, and would be very cool to have.

    my idea is simple: as we only use channels 0 and 1 for pan and tilt, can channels 2-5 be used as analog gauges? i thought abou adding airspeed, battery % (with help of attopilot sensor), altitude and climb rate. maybe other parameters could be added for user selection, as flight modes.

    this way, we can add servos with pointers on their arms and have analog gauges on our ground stations, similar to an aircraft pannel, and these will be very visible on bright sunlight. i believe we all use notebooks as ground stations, and the sun is always an annoying thing to deal with when trying to read something on the screen.
  • Michael, i think i'm missing something about the antenna tracker... How does it know the GPS position of the antenna in order to follow the plane turning around it ? Is there a setting to define the postion of antenna ?

  • I am having issues with setting up my pan and tilt cam on servo out 5-6. They are not moving with the USB joystick. I was looking at the settings with the config section and I have no idea what settings to change and to what.
    Help would be great. Thanks
  • Michael,

    Another question for your but not on the tracker. 

    I noticed that there is many other item/features in the menu along with the tracker. Can we get some directions on what they are for and how to utilize them. I'm sorry to ask this if it is in the wiki but i have not been able to find it.

    Thanks for all your help and support.


  • yes it can be used for anteena tracker. load ardu trracker. just whcih two channela are assigne dot servo out pins. i had done that with ardupilot (basic)

  • Is it possible that the"old APM 1820" can be used as a servo controller for the antenna tracker.

    I'm certain that a lot of people would be happy now its no longer supported for arducopter/plane.

    Unfortunatly I'm not a programmer, otherwise ....

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