Anybody know of a company that can cut carbon fibre plates cheaply?


     I've got some designs for the mounting plate for the APM for the traditional heli (Trex450) but I'm having some troubles finding a company capable (and happy to) cut the templates out of 1mm carbon fibre for me.  Anybody know of such a company?  It will likely be fairly low volume (40 plates to start with)


     The mounting plate design can be found in the wiki here.


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Don't want to hijack thread - but I also am after a good low volume (even one off) CNC cutting company. In UK or EU preferably. Not really after one of the .Coms that have their own design software, just a good honest 'shop'.

I have a Bench CNC Router (23" x 32") and a Bench CNC mill (9"x 14"). And can perform the work as you request.

Willing to work with you and any others needing Custom CNC parts. I can work from DXF files or sketches with dimension.

RC has been my hobby for over 30years, and Drones just the last year.

My day job is R&D for a major manufacturing company.

PM me and we can work out the details.


Personal website
US based

I had previously suggested Big Blue Saw since Simon there had told me that they were working on doing CF soon.  Did you have any luck with them?  BTW.  I am a mechanical engineer, so if you need any help with drawings etc. then let me know.  


I am currently working on a TRex450 clone that will be a aerial video platform.  I have designed my own two-axis gyro stabilized gimbal (that I had the parts made for by big blue saw) and am currently designing a vibration isolation mount for the gimbal (which I will also order from big blue saw).  I already have an APM installed on it and am adding the GPS and magnetometer shortly.  I made these parts with delrin plastic instead of CF since it is cheaper.


If I can be of any help with your parts let me know.

Yes, I talked with Blue Saw.  I haven't talked to them in a couple of weeks but it looks like the cost was going to be pretty high so for the moment I'm talking with David from  Thanks for the follow-up.


By the way - you can find the latest design for the mounting plate here.  I used a program called Vector2d to make the design.

What's your target price? I can ask a shop I know around here if they can do it.

Well, ideally somewhere around $10 for a pair of the plates.  The plates are 11cm x 7cm each.


The cost can depend a lot of the this point there's still a limited number of people flying the helis so it's tough to go above 50 pairs.

Wow I just posted looking for someone cutting this 450 plates. Hope its compatible with the old 450 pro. Add one for me as a buyer Randy.

Yeah, honestly I thought I'd have these plates ready months ago but the old supplier just suddenly said they couldn't do it and I struggled for a long time to find a new supplier.  Modellord is helping out now though so I'm sending them the details by this friday. Not sure when the first batch will be out..but I'd expect it to take at least 2 weeks.  We will stick them in the DIYDrones store but I can send you one separately if there's a delay in getting that done.

Hi Randy


I have CNC router I can cut the carbon sheet.. Down in OZ if it helps



Thanks Randy, that would be great. Just let me know.

Very interesting.  Is this place in China?  Can they do very small runs?

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